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I bet they find him not guilty. They being whomever was behind the resignation of the prosecutor.

I don’t care about him, but the case is interesting. I have never seen the appeal of movies. I’m surprised this case is back after being withdrawn. Something must have changed.

No one does but what’s interesting is Judge Sommers ruling to deny prosecution the ability to introduce evidence of Baldwin’s status as producer of the movie. I take that to mean they can judge his actions but not his character, which I found bizarre because as producer he was responsible for the safety of everyone on set. As producer he was reckless and wanton with evidence but the judge ruled against prosecutors on that subject also by blocking them from introducing evidence presenting potentially unflattering videos of Baldwin rushing staffers and barking orders at them.

Read Revelation and Daniel and you will feel like you’re in one.

I don’t know that anything changed. He was warned that charges may still be brought against him. I believe Baldwin filed a motion to dismiss based on the fact that the FBI destroyed evidence during testing by striking it with a mallet to test its sensitivity, destroying its firing and safety mechanism, but that request was rejected.
I’m happy he’s standing trial for his actions but I think the jury will not find any guilt in him, even though Hannah Gutierrez Reed was convicted of the same charge for unknowingly loading the live round into the revolver.

I would say if he was told the gun had blanks, Hannah Reed should be guilty and he shouldn’t. I don’t lnow the details of that, but the fact that she has been found guilty is good for him.

The only movie I’ve seen with him is Beetlejuice.

You are following this very closely, Michele. I didn’t know any of those things.

Not as closely as I would like.

Was he told that?

She’s suppose to testify against him, I think. I’d like to hear what she has to say but I don’t see how her conviction benefits him.

Well, that ended quickly.

Wow. They are still making the movie. Or already did. I thought they’d scrap it out of respect, but probably a good idea to move forward. People working on it need to get paid and they don’t need to advertise.

Pretty big botch-up by the prosecution.

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“Rust” centers around a 13-year-old boy named Lucas who goes on the run with his estranged grandfather, Harland Rust, after the accidental killing of a local rancher. Set in 1880s Kansas, the story unfolds as Harland, an outlaw, comes out of hiding to rescue his grandson from a death sentence. Together, they navigate the perilous landscape, encountering lawmen and bounty hunters, as Harland tries to protect Lucas and give him a chance at a better life.

It sounds stupid, but I hate most movies.

No one is surprised by any of this. Guiliani’s case was dismissed, also, but he wasn’t as fortunate.

He should have never spoken out against them. Nobody has a right to speak falsely about anything they want. I’m certain it infringes on their First Amendment rights.

This is not child’s play just because money wasn’t taken from accounts. This is a persons identity. It’s not just about ss #'s. These people are in business to look into your mind but I don’t pretend to understand why, beyond the obvious. Control.

metadata stolen at this scale has the potential to be a major national security threat as well as a problem for businesses and individuals.

“These are incredibly sensitive pieces of personal information and, when taken together at the scale of information that appears to be included in this AT&T breach, they presetent a massive NSA-like window into Americans’ activity,”

He’s going to spend the rest of his natural life in prison. That’s pretty satisfying.

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