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It’s interesting. Today, the US senate overwhelmingly concluded that Khashoggi was murdered by MBS, the UK government was found guilty of contempt of parliament for the first time in the long history of that nation, people are still foolishly gushing over HW Bush, France is burning (again) under fuel protests and many knowledgeable people are suggesting that we have now gone too far and climate change is no longer a fight we can win. With all that going on, this is somehow by far the most important story to me that I have read today.

Perhaps not as important as the white reindeer but still very important. This might cure cancer.

That norwegian guy lost his case to change his age from 69 to 49. I’m not sure how I feel about that. In Norway, I disagree with their decision. Since they have healhcare for all. I guess if people didn’t try to change their age to become older, I would agree with the plaintiff. If they are going older I would vote against them.

Oi Oi Oi!!!

I know this is not PC but I honestly don’t see any difference at all between Bruce Jenner declaring himself to be a woman and some 69 year old declaring himself to be 49. Or me declaring myself to be Chinese.

Poor Obamas. They made them sit next to the trumps. At least Donald was at the end. I couldn’t shake his hand.

Poor Obama’s. Barrack may turn white if he sits any closer to Melanie. But I’m thinking 3 shades of black and blue would be a nice blend for them.

This might be the slowest day in the news I can remember. Top stories include some tiff between homeowners in London and the Dutch prime minister talking about white wine sipping elitists. Hopefully Trump gets impeached soon or we’ll all die of boredom.

That was weird.

Today made up for it.

The Brits rejected the Brexit deal and nobody knows wth is going on there now. Teresa May has a non-confidence vote tomorrow.

Al-Shabab stormed a hotel in Kenya. Many dead.

China has declared Taiwan its territory again. They also sentenced a Canadian to death.

Trump is threatening to pull out of NATO it seems.

I think I preferred the slow news days.

Big day for the Chicago police today. Van dyke hears how long he will rot. His buddies find out if they will be found guilty.

Looks like they got away with the coverup. Not surprised at all. His sentencing is tomorrow.

Lot of witnesses at the sentencing. mostly people arrested by him, mentioning how awful he treated them. I guess he liked to break arms and choke his suspects. As well as shoot them in the back. 16 times.

the sculpture has been removed.

6 years and 9 months. A light sentence to me. Could have gone either way. Could have gotten even less. He showed no remorse at all. Has not taken responsibility.

He sounds like a total asshole but imprisoning him for decades doesn’t help anyone. He’ll never work as a cop or be able to own firearms again.

If I thought the chance he would murder another teen was zero percent, I would have released him on time served. He had 23 complaints against him before the murder. And what do you know! He was found innocent by police investigation on all 23. He’s most like a racist and has a bad temper, so I wouldn’t say the chance that he would kill another black kid is zero percent. Cop or not.

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