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It seems likely they’re snagged on a piece of the Titanic.

That isn’t even realistic. Sometimes I think you just sit around imagining the unimaginable. If the submersible was snagged, someone would have met up with them in the search before it imploded.

3M global headquartersMichael Siluk/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

3M reaches major settlement over “forever chemicals” claims: The manufacturing giant agreed to pay $10.3 billion to settle a barrage of allegations from US cities and towns that it contaminated their drinking water with chemicals known as PFAS. For decades, 3M has used these chemicals (which are dubbed “forever chemicals” because they refuse to break down in the environment or the human body) in products such as firefighting foam, but hundreds of cities sued it for polluting their water and soil. If the settlement is approved, the money will go toward helping these cities clean up their water.

It has to be a coincidence that the Simpsons predicted this event in 2006. Of course, in the show, they are lodged under some kind of debris, which nobody reported.

I couldn’t view the media but I do note the “FAKE” badge on the account.


Yes, I know but just because it’s labeled fake doesn’t mean everything posted is fake. You can Google the episode.

At least they didn’t suffer.

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Horrifying. Definitely suffered.

I hope they find Ivan and Haley and toss them in jail.

Will Smith is a zillionaire, a movie star and a pop icon. Odd that he’s such a bitch in his marriage.

zat from people magazine?

It’s probably effortless on his part after she publicly, deliberately and unapologetically humiliated him.

I get that. What I don’t get is that he continues to allow this humiliation. He knows where the door is.

This might not be over.

Lord only knows. Maybe he’s faithful that way. Maybe he’s committed to the end. Maybe he actually cares about her, which to me is bizarre because she is sleazy.

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Even if he is prosecuted, it will only be a slap on the wrist. There is no justice in this country, especially in California, New York and DC.

Argentina just elected a Jewish libertarian as president. Many Colombians are happy. They hate Argentina and hope it is a disaster for them. lol.

Good news.

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I wonder what Hillary Clinton said after that.

Putin loved Kissinger. That speaks volumes.

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