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Then be respectful and get your dirty shoes off the white carpet. Your noise is a factor in how quite it is around here and is being monitored.

iam always respectful (in my own way), my shoes are never dirty and if this place would have a carpet… it wouldnt be white lol

waves@your moronic american government camera

The only news circulating here in the media is about a hot air balloon over the U.S. CNN had it on a 24 hour loop yesterday.

Edit to add:
Biden told the Pentagon to shoot it down. Apparently, the Pentagon thought that was a bad thing to do so they recommended monitoring it instead.

The charges were downgraded to drop the firearms enhancement. He now faces up to 18 months and will probably get house arrest.

Some girl claims to be Madeline McCann. We’ll find out soon enough. She has submitted DNA.

I can’t seem to post these articles but you can Google if you want to know more.

The Dali Lama has to publicly apologize and for some weird reason, NATO is preparing for direct participation in the military conflict in Ukraine.

ChatGPT has already learned how to lie and spread gossip.

The Dalai Lama is as weird as hell. He should apologize. Gross prick.

Charges against Alec Baldwin dropped.


They said the gun was modified. I wonder if he’ll sue. He’s pretty much been blacklisted. I’m not sure who he’d sue.

technology can be amazing


I couldn’t open the first article.

It can, as long as some fruitcake doesn’t take it too far.

Looks like the doctor was wrong.

Wow. 2 year run for fox news.


I dislike this guy.

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Me too.

It’s terrifying and heartbreaking to know they are losing oxygen and suffocating.

Yes. A horrible way to die. They knew the risks, however.

I know that, Reg. Every adventure has risks. What I don’t understand is why they couldn’t just surface.

While we were locked down and unable to conduct business or attend funerals, they were having parties, celebrating and deliberately hiding the dangers. This irritates me every time I think about it. Sure, I’ll get over it and stop whining, eventually, but probably not until this woman is behind bars.