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In the pending case against Alec Baldwin, yes. The Judicial system is actually working correctly.

What do you think would happen? What would happen if they actually claimed 2020 was fraudulent? As fractured as the US already is, a supreme court decision on the election would plunge us into civil war. You’d have one side supported by BRICS nations and NATO on the other. You’d see full on balkanization and a permanent decrease in quality of life.

Those in positions of power, prestige and luxury do everything in their power to maintain the status quo.

Maybe they should ask hunter biden what to do?

…so long as you don’t go searching for the truth.

I think the vast majority of people in America would rejoice and faith would be restored in our system.

The U.S. is not fractured. We are under spiritual attack. That’s probably absurd to you.

Since you put it that way, I should be thankful for the little failures in justice.

They do everything in their power to make war.

George Soros is maintaining the status quo with $40 million on far left-leaning district attorneys in the U.S.

Maybe they should peer into his laptop and ask what he did.

“Truth” has become so watered down that it is now fully subjective to the individual stating the “truth”.

I would agree with this statement if it were said 10 years ago. Now? I believe that if things were to change, you’d have a very violent minority pushing back. The majority would likely be so wrapped up in how it got so bad, that no progress to permanently fix what is wrong would happen.

If the US isn’t fractured, then why do we have political parties? Why do we have record voting for blue team and/or red team? Why has politics become such a divisive topic if we aren’t fractured? The current political climate is akin to the Buchanan-ere presidency of 1856-1860, and we all know what happened as a result.

If you wish to avoid Civil War 2.0/The North American Proxy War, then yes. You should rejoice. I don’t think people realize just how close to the cliff of civil war we’re actually at, and what would push us over that precipice.

“They” include Republicans AND Democrats. We are a warring nation, built out of war, sustained by war, grown by war, with an economy based around the industries of war. SACAFE, General, and Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of this in his final speech to the US at the end of his presidency.

Both sides do this. It just isn’t exclusive to one party or one billionaire with aligned ideas to that party. Both sides do this and it’s wrong.

Everyone has their own absurd truth but there is still the indisputable truth that noone seeks.

Are you saying their was fraud in the 2012 election?

We wouldn’t want to upset the violent minority.:roll_eyes:

Wasn’t it designed to create the illusion that citizens have options?

How close will that bring us to world war because that’s what I’m thinking people don’t realize.

I am aware of that.

He may have felt regret for negotiating with aliens.

Yes, but only one group of people within one party are fighting it.

And that is…? It’s less indisputable truth, and more so well researched judgement. If it was indisputable, there would have been a ruling decision on the election.

No, I’m not saying there was fraud then, although I’ve had a suspicion every election since 2000 has been altered. I’m saying people would have rejoiced and have renewed faith in the system. But we’re 10 years past that, and are more apathetic than ever. People won’t rejoice, most won’t care. Those that do care either way are in the fractured ⅓ of the country who voted in 2020.

Originally? No. Currently? Yes. Political parties are but an illusionary fallacy of choice. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the CNP (Council for National Policy) are the 2 largest think tanks in DC. They have members of each political party in each of those two groups, their members are the largest private donors to major DC players, and are the drivers of policies. We aren’t governed by representatives. We’re governed by think tanks.

It’ll unlikely devolve into a global scale war. The 2nd American Civil War will be fought in a similar manner to Ukraine. It’ll be a proxy war, where each side is supplied by SMP’s (Strategic Military Partners), as well as likely fought partially using PMC’s (Private Military Contractors) like we did in Afghanistan and Iraq. It will be fully asymmetrical warfare with a lot of countries dumping arms and money into each side.

Do you really trust an idiot like Margerie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert or, worse yet shudders my Rep. Scott Perry? I certainly don’t because of where their money comes from. Again, nobody in either side actually gives a shit lol. Chase the money, and you’ll see how bad it is.

Good example… My state (Pennsylvania) uses PayPal infrastructure to process payments. It isn’t PayPal per se… Just the system. How did this happen? The former owner of PayPal (not Elon) resided in Philadelphia, and was the largest private donator to our then Governor Tom Wolf’s reelection campaign in 2018. It’s all cash for favors and back room handshake deals.

People didn’t care back then. I believe most people were oblivious and thought everything was fine. Those that knew otherwise were either silenced by blackmail, dismissive of the serious state of our election, or just plainly didn’t care what was happening. In 2016, with Trump’s announcement to run, people have a much clearer understanding of the cruelty and corruption within the swamp so there’s not much to rejoice over. I personally don’t care about how apathetic people are. Those who have no interest in our government and what they are doing are stupid and will never grow to understand the world.

Really? Because it has before and according to the Word, Russia will align itself with the nations that they are currently aligning with in preparation for an attack upon Israel.

I don’t doubt that there may be wars like this but I just think there will be a war greater than these.

I trust nobody because noone is worthy.

I believe I’ve learned enough to know exactly how bad it is.

This is much like the deal Obama made with the publishing company that gave him millions of dollars for his book. Having this information hasn’t changed the view of those in the Democratic Party. Most would rather hide the corruption than face any truth that Trump has shown the world.

Reg, I dislike your province greatly right now. I had a very close professional relationship with Tim and John Kinsley, the 2 men who were most recently killed in an avalanche, as well as their father. Nobody told me your mid-30s is supposed to kinda suck.

Won’t happen. Russia is an Orthodox nation, and the preeminent keepers of the Orthodox faith. It goes against their very fiber to attack the Holy Land. The only reason they’re somewhat aligned with some of these countries is simply out of necessity of trade.

Why would you dislike BC for this? It’s unfortunate these men died, but we didn’t do anything. Heli-skiing isn’t safe. I know this is insensitive but I hope their loss doesn’t cost you money.

Eh, it’s more an exaggerated dislike. Nature does what it wants to. As for whether or not I will lose money remains to be seen. I’m not sure what their chain of succession is considering the only other one in the family is their sister and she runs the dispatch department for the materials…

Truthfully their loss is going to yield a decrease in craftsmanship and that worries me the most.

There are probably other more newsworthy stories out there, this morning, but none were so obviously censored in the media and Google than the Rosanne Barr suit against ABC. This story appeared in my Telegram news feed. When I searched for it through Google, this is what I got. 2 fact-checked articles confirming the truth. That’s it. Nothing else.

The media has also failed to cover this story. Here is the only article about this case that I see on DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo had this article also about her future plans for “the Conners”, if you watch TV.

Does anyone else see how unfair this is?

You mean the unfairness at the lack of coverage?

Concerning Google, they blocked any news from being discovered, beyond fact-check articles.

Concerning the media, they refused to report the story when it happened, which was 6 or 7 days days ago.

Maybe because it is so boring?

They seem obsessed with Tyre Nichols and George Santos, or whatever his name is. Nichols deserved coverage at least.

Is there a news story over the last 7 days that you wish got less coverage? Besides Tom Brady announcing his retirement.

You may be right. What the reader doesn’t see doesn’t harm us.

Bestiality and transgender stories.

Michele, this wasn’t censored. It’s a hoax. The Jury is a TV show and not an actual court panel. This stupid show sided with Roseanne. ABC owes her nothing.

A popular show in the area, “The Jury” hears cases from both sides presented by internet commenters. So far, in 207 cases, they’ve found for 17 plaintiffs for a total of $709 billion in money they’d sue for if it was them. The show has 3.2 million followers on YouTube, and this just officially became the dumbest storyline of all time.

Hater. I’m just trying to make Nico feel at home with those.

I believe you. I thought the Jury was a show running in the Conners time slot.

I’m sure he feels at home after that last article. I am starting to question your comfort level though.

those things happen for 99% in the america’s… definitely not my home :wink: