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Ok, different words, same result: There are many reasons you might go to a restaurant. It’s close. It’s convenient. The prices are good. Your client really likes it. Your wife really likes it. There are comfortable little areas you can have a quick business meeting. Your radio club meets there.

Wait…I’m going to run throw up my breakfast syrup. That will be 144.00

We went to ihop. Blah food. I bought their syrup. It was blueberry syrup and quite blah. My own pancakes and trader joes syrup is better.

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interesting, this morning several large banks here (ing, rabo, abn) are reporting technical difficulties with their online businesses… lots of people cannot access their accounts

the russians are attacking! :wink:


today, the pbs rss doesn’t feature the corona virus in its bbad window
today, the pbs rss doesn’t feature the ukraine in its bbad window

for one brief shining moment that was camelot

Khalifa just died. He was a loser but not a lunatic. I disliked him but it could have been worse. Now we’ll see who emerges from whatever power struggle they have.

c l i c k