New House


I hope we don’t have gophers. Have not seen any yet.


Have you seen the movie A Quiet Place? That took home living to a whole different plateau. It took a lot of discipline but it was more home living than most families measure.


I wanted to. I have not seen it. Did you like it?


If you are in the “for work” category with Airbnb, yes, you would need to offer WiFi. That shouldn’t be a problem if you have an iPhone. You can also get a MiFi thru AT&T for $20.00.
A game room in the house can be therapy. I’ve never seen a life size connect four but it sounds like fun. Got photos?
I guess I don’t know cornhole but the meditation room sounds relaxing.


I’ll take some photos next time connect 4 is up. Table tennis is 3x6 feet instead of 5x9. It is 50 lbs rather than 100 lbs and 250 dollars cheaper. It’s just a lot easier to move between the garage and basement. Some people hate cooking. I’m loving it. I’ve always sort of liked it, but my old kitchen had a lot of problems.


What do you cook, Dan?


Almost everything. Although, I’m a pescetarian, so not quite everything. I bake quite a bit.


Does that mean you don’t eat any kind of meat except fish? No chicken?


Chicken of the Sea maybe.


No chicken.


Not even a looong legged rhode island red?




I’m not closely following this because I’m stranded in odd Latin countries but I agree totally with Dan. In a few years, 2200 per month will seem like nothing.




I got a ping pong table.

And a chaise lounge…

The gutters are in. Need to trim trees and I have an estimate of 800 but I’d like to tell neighbors who are never home before I cut them. Just more of a respect thing. It’s their tree but it touches my house, lol


Anything hanging over your property line is fair game.


Absolutely. It’s getting trimmed no matter what. I’m going to tell them ahead of time. Not ask them.


Clearly you feel the need to express compassion for your neighbor and care about their feelings without a truly compassionate feeling for them since you make it clear you will not ASK them anything. Why even bother if you don’t truly care enough to ASK how they feelaboutit?

This is hypocracy!!!
Search your soul and find the compassion to feel true love for your neighbor.


I don’t know…I think I’d do the same thing. I wouldn’t ask permission. If they had some really valid reason why I should reconsider, I’d listen. Still, the basic idea is to just inform them out of respect that I’ll be cutting their tree that is touching my house.

Do you think he should ask permission, Michele?


It is respectful to tell your neighbor stuff like that. I wouldn’t expect them to ask my permission to cut a tree down that is touching their house. If it’s on my property it’s a nice thing to do. Think once the tree is done, I won’t have too many big expenses except for a snowblower. Mostly one time things.

I’m not asking permission. I’m telling them what I’m going to do ahead of time, because it’s the right thing to do.

Just mowed the lawn again. I think it will rain tomorrow. It’s been a good summer so far as far as weather. I’m sure the truck that drives on my lawn to cut the tree will destroy my lawn, lol.