New House


Talk about a jump to conclusion. I won’t ask them anythiing? How did you get to that conclusion? I might ask them if they want me to watch their dog when they go away. I don’t see them much. Everybody works so much.


Asking someone how they feelaboutit is not the same as asking permission, or is it?


Definitely not. I just told her. Totally cool with it. This tree is so strong it’s not even funny.


I think you have a good heart, Dan.


You should donate it to some who is looking for unused items.


The tree limbs?


Might get a pizza oven. Not sure which. Although Blackstone looks too big.


How do you stay thin eating pizza?


I don’t eat much pizza. All the pizza around here is awful. Maybe I shouldn’t get it lol.


If you make your own pizza and this includes 50/50 toppings, there should be at least one topping and preferrbaly more than one on each slice. I.E. a piece of olive or mushrom or even a meatball. If if it is a deep dish and you order exra cheese it should be a considerably larger amount than a thin crust.
You can use that oven for plenty of flat bread other than pizza. za za nan nan. He did say nan pizza foods and do a namaste right?


I would get it if I had your house. It is an outdoor pizza oven and you showed a lot of wood in your pictures. However Reggie might not ever show up to your home if you do. Reggie can you explain to us what would happen to you if you ate one slice of pizza?