New House


Turn off your appiances and don’t open the bottle until you get home, and then stay home.


That would b bad Will. I wonder if it’s a moneymaker. I have a guest room and wouldn’t be against a roommate. I didn’t take a picture of my bed because the cat was on it so I couldn’t make it. It would be more like someone I know for 500 bucks a month. Mortgage and tax and insurance is something like 2200 a month. I have tree limbs touching it now. They were sort of touching it before but we get t storms here. Once it’s trimmed, I’ll be pretty much all set. Gutters tomorrow.


I think you’re set Dan. I don’t do gutters here because they require constant cleaning and my body no longer accepts the kind of work.


When people go googling for your digits you should post pics of the litter box.


LOL@market genius and I don’t think he should “flip” this house at all.

If the basement is spacious enough to live in, you can become the host of your own home and let someone else pay for it.
It’s a lovely home, Dan. I’m really happy for you and your woman.

We used to buy, remodel and rent or flip homes. Obviously, we are too old for that now so we are about to move into Airbnb rentals. Here is the first of hopefully 6 homes we may purchase. It has washer/dryer hookups up and down stairs so putting a host in the basement who can maintain the home for room and board would be perfect in a house like this. It has a 3 car garage, 5 bedrooms and it is gorgeous on the inside.


Are you doing these AirBnBs in Oklahoma, Michele?


I definitely needed gutters put in. When it rains, it drips on the stairs to the front door. I have a mailbox attached to my house so the mailman needs to get to it. Definitely would be a nightmare in the winter.

House looks great Michele. Looks like you know what you are doing. I’m amazed people can flip so many houses. I must have spent 15000 total on the sell and buy on closing costs, moving, other shit I forget now.


If I have my way, the seller will eat the closing or give up furniture.


Obviously, hiring a host with children isn’t a very good idea. We probably won’t allow pets either. Both are messy and a drag on business.


We will be investing in the aviation capital of the world.


3209 S. Blue Lake Court Wichita KS


I would host as an airbnb but I don’t think anybody would vacation here, lol. Takes 2 days to get through the whole town.


Airbnb is not necessarily for vacationers. There are many people traveling for work. Wichita is NOT a vacation spot nor are we investing there for that reason.
Imho, Airbnb is so successful because people who travel a lot incur a large expense from lodging and can cut there bill in half through Airbnb and most of the time, in nicer places than hotel rooms while still feeling like they are in their home environment. It’s really the next best thing to being home.

The only reason I’m recommending you do this is because your home has clean lines and you’ve invested in things like granite which tends to draw the eye in. Also, the fact that you have no children, yet, (children are messy lol) make you the perfect host. Ok, it’s also because the amount of your mortgage is so painfully high that I feel sorry for you.


Is 2200 a lot for mortgage/taxes? It is all furnished so it would work. Id probably just rather have someone I know stay in the guest room for like 500 bucks a month. Good deal. I’ll see next year.


It is a lot to me because of what you will have paid for it at the end of the loan coupled with the length of that commitment.
Imho, if you let someone you know stay in your home, kiss your relationship with them goodbye.


Just be sure to not let is end this way.


I agree. Do all your cooking in the bathtub.


Lol at bathtub. I’m pretty easy to live with. You have wifi at these airbnbs?

2200 might be nothing in 10 years. I’d be afraid if someone stayed here they wouldn’t get any work done. I’m not sure how I do. We have table tennis, cornhole, life size connect 4, ladder ball and a meditation room. I don’t think they’d get anything done if someone airbnb’d here.


Do you have gophers? They can be worse than a sinkhole.


We play connect 4 where it’s not necessarily every other move. You have to run 10 feet to pick up your circle. Can only hold one circle at a time. Tiring after a few games, but it uses the brain and the legs.