We were good friends after we broke up for years. Once she converted to Islam, that largely fell apart. We are still on reasonably good terms but nothing like before. I actually think Islam may be good for her. She needs structure and a set of rules to work within. Perhaps her marriage to a Muslim will give her that. I honestly hope so.

You are impotent.

No I’m not. I have cialis. lol.

I don’t.

Well done Barbados!

“Gained its independence from Britain in 1966”

“Guyana took that step in 1970, less than four years after gaining independence from Britain.”

What took so long to remove the Queen as head of state?

Good question. And an even better question is why haven’t the other countries in the commonwealth done it yet? Especially Canada.

I have no idea but give them time and they will blame it on climate change.

God you’re tiresome crone Michele.

Would you like for me to leave, Will?

More monarchies in trouble. I love it.

speaking her mind, good for her!

will surprise me if she doesnt get jailed or killed…

using harry potter and hunger games as symbols for your protest gives it a failure probability bordering on certainty

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This anti-monarchy movement in Thailand has legs. Good for them. Their monarchy is unusually obnoxious.

Ok, maybe those legs are faltering.

“Her case dates back six years, when anti-establishment sentiment was growing after a 2014 military coup led by Prayuth. She was held in jail from January 2015 to November 2018.”

The 43 year jail term seems extreme but apparently the court was merciful and she should be thankful she is alive. I do see a pattern in American politics and social media.
I wonder how long it will be before we are censored for speaking out against Biden :thinking:

This whole Megan/Harry thing is grotesque. Who gives a rip? I wish I could filter the news so I didn’t have to even see the headlines. Apparently Megan didn’t want to be alive anymore. I don’t care if she’s alive either.

Anyway, kudos to the good people of Barbados who appear to be smarter than Canadians.

Excellent choice of words but it goes beyond grotesque. I’m so sick of it I could vomit. Jen Psaki is turning our White House briefings into a soap opera.

Right because today’s headlines were filled with praise for Megan’s courage in the face of mental health issues.

Do you really believe that? I think she was offended because her baby was not going to be titled.

at least we HAVE white house briefings again after the fool was kicked out.

Oh, right! Well someone should say something to Jen about her briefings then. While Meagan is performing for gold over Archie’s right to protection as heir to a prince, Jen is competing for her own daytime talk show with mind numbing royal praise.

They want to live like average citizens. I say let them. Except they want their hundred million dollar Disney contract and the adoration of idiotic fans everywhere along with their supposed desire for anonymity. They want all the positives of fame but none of the negatives. I couldn’t care less if they both go jump off London Bridge.