Prince Andrew apparently screwed some 17 year old 19 years ago. As far as I can tell, that is legal just about everywhere including Canada. Nobody is suggesting the sex wasn’t consensual, but everyone is losing their mierda over it because #metoo. I don’t care at all.

This story won’t go away. I still don’t get it. He had consensual sex with a 17 year old which is a legal act just about everywhere outside the Muslim world. Who cares?

Virginia Giuffre.

Clearly, but why should anyone else care?

If you don’t care, why are you asking if others do? You have the power of influence and judging by the silence, no one else cares either.

Because if you don’t care, the world is going to be filled with the most lewd wickedness man’s perversion-filled, flawed mind can think of.

My turn…

Do you think the world has a right to know what Prince Andrew did?

That settles that!

In a normal world where Prince Andrew was just another useless rich British twit who got no money or privilege from having been born wealthy, then no, the world would have no right to know. In this world, where the prick has had every advantage since birth for no merit other than said birth, sure, the world pays for his fornication so we might as well know about it.

Does that mean the world has no right to know what Epstein did?

We do. Epstein is accused of crimes. As far as I can tell, Andy isn’t.

He never will be either. Men like him possess a superior power that rises above moral Law. Accountability means nothing to men like him because he dismisses any reality of consequences.
I hope I’m not coming off as a woman prophesying but if I am, I pray there is always a veil between us. If God can provide the sacrifice for Abraham, He will provide the veil for me and indeed, already has.

Still making excuses for not wearing a head covering while prophesying or praying, I see.

Has seeing made you blind? I’m not making excuses. Call me a fool if I am. It wouldn’t be the worst thing you’ve called me.

Head-covering is a very general term that could include anything from a trash bag to an umbrella. It’s purpose is for women to acknowledge authority because of Leviticus 19:29 and 2Cor 11:3, which should make any and every covering completely acceptable in this worldly and ungodly realm.

I always refer to it as a veil because the spiritual truth of what it symbolizes is found in Matthew. It is a veil that symbolizes a covering meant to conceal Truth until the time of the end when the veil was rent from top to bottom exposing the truth of who He is in us. Putting us to shame for our sins.

I think your post should be moved to the street corner where you buy your meth.

Harris is out. There was no one higher for her to screw.

Don’t be sorry. I’m glad it’s over.

I don’t have the ability to do that, Mark. I just checked. If you want, you can delete your post and re-post it in the other thread.

Why don’t you get up off your lazy ass and put it there yourself. It will be my greatest pleasure to meet you there.

You really don’t have the least bit of human kindness in you do you?

Is human kindness required to post here?