Perhaps not. Maybe I need the strict but loving rod of my father I never had as a child. I grow fat when I don’t feel it. And I observe many, MANY “rod-less” people growing fat and lame at a staggering rate around me who don’t have neither rod nor god or at least not the creator-god…They’re wasting their time in mindless consumption, vanishing quickly into self-centered oblivion, pointless obsessions and dedications or worse: I see them adopting the system’s “Tamuz-style, golden-calv-like and Ba’al priesthood” cults and mindset…

They’re outgrowing me in fat-ness and laziness at a mind-blowing pace…

Yeah, sometimes I am desperate and in desolation, having weird and fleshly obsessions like fat chicks, fat youtubers, Hitlerism and goats, but then when I get positive feedback from other people I could help and almost forgot about them, hence a positive feedback I didn’t reckon, I can clearly see I am on the right path and the rod is pushing forth.

I guess I owe a “thank You god for the rod pushing forward” from time to time…


God is a hallucinogenic drug, and billions of people are addicted.

I love you, man (#noHomo!) ! You know the truth very well, so don’t pretend…I feel my creator almost daily and learn more and more about my saviour. Pushing forth with joy! What is “agnosticism” anyways?

Dude, Corilou, the White Nationalist hardcore porn star just got married in Pakistan wearing a veil. Still think there are things impossible under god?..

…I’ll be expecting jewr presence in London on January 31th.

Agnosticism is the acceptance of the fact that you don’t know some things and likely never will. It is leaving your mind open to truth when it manifests itself without inventing silly stories to explain things you don’t understand.

She did that a few months ago. She asked me what I thought of it. I didn’t say it was f’n nuts but I guess that kinda came across so she’s not talking to me much these days.

I’m going to stick this in here, you can move it if you want.

I’m reading an article about Bill Barr that is pretty alarming (to me). He is not so much focused on legal issues as he is his religious zealotry. Here is the article -

Like I care about being on topic. lol.

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I am a champion and eager proponent of strictly keeping on topic!
We all have to aspire to become more German in this regard…

Blockquote the real stunning rise within the Nones has been those who don’t so much actively question or reject God, as much as they don’t see a reason to bother with religion.
Call them the apathetics.

Call them the living dead. Zombie world.

Stop sugarcoating it and call the Hell-bound.

Agnosticism is the view you take when you are too embarrassed and ashamed to tell people that you actually need an unseen force greater than yourself for salvation.

Dictionary version -




  1. a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.
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I always love how you wait for both definitions so you can correct one of them knowing they know what that definition is. Good job, Professor.

You mean the dictionary version and the church lady version?

I mean Reggie’s version against Michele‘s version.

I don’t know Reg’s version.

I’d say those are pretty close.

yep. closer than the church lady.

Isn’t this “nihilism”?

“We believes in nothings Mr. Lebowski”

Atheism, Agnosticism, Nihilism. A lot of crazy shit going on in this world. I stay on god’s side, folks

Gee Reggie you must have said some really nice things to Cori.

Nice to see her seeking life.