at least she’s not sucking orange cock like you christians


i wish i could filter you giving a rip

You can, Bill. Just click my name and go to my profile. At the top right, you’ll see your filter options. Choose Ignore. I encourage you to do this since you seem psychologically incapable of not obsessing over every word I type. Gunda was like this for many years before she finally cured herself.


One good thing just came out of the Megan Markle nonsense. Piers Morgan just lost his job over it.

As sick as I am of hearing about them, I hope every person loses their job who says a cross word.

Piers Morgan is a fat twit. I’m happy he’s gone.

you don’t even have to click anything
not clicking would work
happy clicks

This is promising.

Canada is monarchy too, correct?

Supposedly they got these guys but not the coin. If it’s a bad symbol that might be better off as connector plating and Cuban links.

You should get one of these. It’s only 4 coins.
It looks as easy as making ramen noodles.

There are still kings in their own right.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, with the vile Queen of England as our head of state and the equally vile Julie Payette as our Governor General (the Queen’s Representative in Canada) although she just got sacked and will be replaced. Justin Trudeau is our head of government.

I think the links are an improvement.

One third of Canadians agree with you.

New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organisation of 52 countries - most with a shared history as part of the former British Empire.
so you want to get rid of the queen
and keep her boat race?

I want Canada to dump the Queen. I don’t care much about what NZ does with her although if they ever decided to consult me on it, I’d encourage them to dump her too. I don’t see what that has to do with the America’s Cup. That’s just hosted wherever the winner is. If the Italians had won, it would’ve been hosted in Italy (or wherever they chose to host it, usually their own nation).

I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to bow down to that old battle ax either.

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Prince Philip popped. I did not hate him. I didn’t like him, either, but I did not hate him. He was old and they had taken away his driver’s license. Time to go, really. I hope I go before I’m helpless.

Wonderfully sensible article.