lol… I can tell you bought the book.

lol. I hope his wife divorces him. That would amuse me.

You seem to amuse yourself well enough alone.

Margrethe of Denmark just abdicated. This seems to be a trend. Spain, the wicked Dutch, and now the Dansk.

Interesting. Could be a short run for him.

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Enhancing his appearance will not make him a better person.

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They did something called Trooping the Colours, which I think has something to do with Chuck’s birthday. Kate is back. Most people are gushing. A few took the opportunity to express dissent.

Yeah, but only about the king. Kate is in the middle of chemo and still has a beautiful and fully covered head of hair.

I like Kate. I hope she recovers from cancer and has a long, happy life. I do not want to pay for her upkeep through my taxes, nor do I want to defer to her with some asinine title that she did nothing to earn aside from marrying the right guy. The monarchy is a foolish, antiquated and absurd institution.