Man made drugs are so addicting. Pharmaceutical companies want you to believe this is an addicting drug. That is not true. I can lay it down and have many many times. I’ve run out and not felt like I was going to die if I didn’t have it. There are 140 substances in marijuana and one of them works to control inflammation. It’s called beta-carophyllene and it words well for me.
I have a back problem. When the nerve is inflamed, I also have severe spasms. The only treatment available on the market is steroids and muscle relaxers. Off and on for 20 years I took these drugs to cope with the inflammation and pain and it was excruciating. One night, I literally threw myself off the bed because the spasm was so severe. After the twins graduated, I started smoking more often. That was six years ago and I haven’t been back to the Dr. I haven’t taken even one muscle relaxer and I certainly haven’t taken any steroids. This may not be anything to anyone here but it is very significant to me since I was taking steroids the max amount you can take in a year. And think what its like when you’re maxed out and you can’t get medical help legally. If pharmaceutical companies can’t keep a lid on it they are going to cut the CBD oil so they can get a sliver of the profit and that’s what it’s about for them. Making money!


This is really interesting to me. I have been having back aches for a year now. Not debilitating or anything but certainly irritating, and once a month or so I walk around like a 100 year old man because of the pain. I am going to try doing sit-ups but if that doesn’t work I might try this.


I had very bad back pain for years. At last I had a procedure done that stopped it. They burned the nerves coming from the spine and boom. . . no more pain. That was about 5 years ago. They will eventually grow back but so far no further back pain.


You mean back surgery? Thanks, no thanks. This is working for me. And I wonder what is numb since your procedure.

I’m no dr but imho, you just need an adjustment, Reg.


A chirowhacker?


Lol Drink much?


Yes a chiropractor.


3 months and you would feel great.


I haven’t had good experiences with them, generally, dating back to my days in medical software.


Dare I ask why?


Sure. I worked for the biggest medical software company in Alberta in the 90s. They dominated the chiropractic billing market. I saw a lot of fraud and theft there, and my dealings with individual chiropractors made clear that the majority were dishonest, and a substantial number were simply insane and thought they could cure cancer and so on. Obviously not all are like that but enough were that I am left with a distaste for it. There’s also almost no scientific evidence that chiropractic adjustments do anything at all.


And yet every medical problem is related to the spinal cord. Have you ever had an adjustment?


If you have pain, is it not a nerve?


Yes, I have had adjustments, and no, not every medical problem is related to the spinal cord.

We feel pain when a signal is sent through nerve fibers to the brain for interpretation.


I’ve talked to a chiropractor about this more than once. He does not prescribe drugs because he feels drugs only mask pain. I know this works if you can afford to pay for it.


There you go nerve fibers. Where do they come from?


They originate in the spinal cord.


So test the theory. Go to the chiropractor for 30 days and see if it makes a difference. For me, I felt a difference within 3 visits.


That and chiropractors are not real doctors and are not allowed to prescribe drugs.


And yet they spend the same amount of time in medical school and no they can’t prescribe drugs. Isn’t that awesome?