Not yet, but thinking about it.


Ahh, you’re too unhealthy and fat to be my friend. Your optimal composition is just not enough life and too much old smelly waste and fat tissue. You can’t drop that weight. And I don’t believe you are contemplating starting use of recreational drugs. The blackouts are tell tale.




Woody. Wally. Chilly.




You’re absolutely right! I really should seek something more vile than this. Perhaps you can teach me blackout pressure as a vile hobby.



I’m sure daily marijuana users are happier with more legalization and more people with access to marijuana. It is still just too scary and too much for any individual who claims regular use. Thus they want more legalization and more users. Can’t do it alone.

I wonder if people who need help and can’t get it through prayer use marijuana to dull somebody else’s brain and get theirs to function when it doesn’t which is scary.

I have never been one of those people.
Those kind of people sure wanted to make it seem different.


I don’t use marijuana but I am entirely for its legalization. A good move by Canada.


Most advocates for marijuana legalization do not like a powerful marijuana smoker. They would be against that individual. They want to dissipate the individual.


Legalized marijuana use advocacy for so many I have come across is a an all out effort to represent themselves as “great strength” while making the mariuana use, high, and associated sexuality as absolutely superficial in experience as possible.

True some people just like not having to ditch their stuff for the cops or having to go to a shady character or even become one for supply.


I can’t seem to quote you right now but it is obvious you are talking about me.

I never wanted to make anything seem different. I allowed you to see one layer of my life. Is it now my fault that you verbally attacked me when you could have known me?


It can’t be any single individual. There has to be a consensus.
You used the word coward to describe me. Your strength is in numbers.
I am declining your offer.


This month is breast cancer awareness month Michele. You seemed very upset I was using a pink circle with a letter A for an avatar previously.

What are your thoughts about breast cancer as you smoke marijuana?


It’s a silent killer. Like any cancer, stop feeding it and it will stop growing.

Why did you delete the awful things you said about Reg if it was true?


I’m sorry, Mark! What I really want to know is if you lied because you were quoting.


Because it doesn’t have to be THE ONLY TRUTH and sole focus and objective with destructive regard to anything else.

If we kept running on that it would be really horrid. We would have been horrid for pursuing that truth at all costs. It might not have even been true before he started his hurtful and not fully accurate statements.


Kept running on that? I’m not running on anything with you and it has already been horrid to me.

We? You should come clean because you have started trouble.