I’m not knocking your treatment, Michele, but aren’t you doing exactly that? Taking drugs to mask the pain?


The procedure I had was not surgery. It was non invasive and used a needle to cauterize the nerve endings. As far a Chiropractors go, I was married to one for 12 years and never got relief from back pain. The only relief I got from her was a divorce. And no, they only go to 2 years of school. It’s a sham.


I’m not masking pain. I’m controlling inflammation.


Sounds like she didn’t finish her education.


You’re using a drug to do that. Given that, isn’t this statement below simply wrong? Drugs don’t only mask pain.


She got her license.


I doubt you finished yours.


After all this, I remain very open to using marijuana to control my back pain. I’m also not convinced I can’t improve things with exercise. I don’t exercise my back at all. I just wonder if 100 situps a day wouldn’t cure my problems. Right now my back hurts too much to do that, but I hope to start in a couple of days. I’m not really open to chirowhackers but if I can’t fix this any other way I’ll probably try that before surgery.


I would look at physical therapy sites from hospitals or universities for recommended exercises.


I’m using a natural herb. If it were a drug, wouldn’t it be sold by pharmaceutical companies?

No doubt, I never started, Wil. I prefer my education to be free and fun. Thanks for that, Precious!


No, Michele, not all drugs are sold by pharmaceutical companies, and even if that were true (which it isn’t), marijuana is now sold by pharmaceutical companies here in Canada.

Aspirin is made from tree bark and penicillin is made from mouldy bread and both are drugs. Obviously, marijuana is a drug. I am not against this drug in any way, but it is a drug.



Ok my point is that because it is a plant and not a man made drug like Xanax, pharmaceutical companies couldnt, in times past, sell marijuana as a drug. So didn’t they lobby to have it classified as a class A narcotic and outlawed so they could keep selling their addictive drugs? Drugs that might help you with one problem but cause another?
Imho, marijuana has the potential to put pharmaceutical companies out of business because this plant has the potential to treat serious medical conditions such as Crohns in adults and seizures in children. And as an oil, didn’t big pharmaceutical companies find the loophole they needed to make money on this DRUG?
I’m curious, do you go into pharmacies and purchase marijuana by the joint? In this country medical marijuana is sold in a separate place from man made drugs. I wonder, why is that?



Reg, I don’t think you even need this. I really think you just need a series of adjustments. And sure there are core muscle exercises. I’m sure Dan or someone knows about that but imho, sit-ups are the last thing you should do until you heal.


Agreed, I need to heal first. I am feeling pretty good tonight. Usually awful in the morning, though. We’ll see how I feel in a few days.


I’m all for “let’s see” but you just said it’s been bothering you for a year. I have a hard time believing anything is going to change but good luck with that.


I’ve thought about what you said, Wil. If I go down again, I will ask my physician if cauterizing the nerve would solve my problem. You didn’t answer earlier. Do you feel numbness anywhere?


Beta-carophyllene activates the CB2 receptor that controls inflammation.
They are only just beginning to study other compounds besides THC. The substance that works to control diabetes is believed to be in marijuana. If that’s true, CBD oil would benefit you.


No, there were no adverse effects. Just that the pain was gone. I strongly recommend it. Problem solved in an instant! Plus it was just an office visit.


There is no shame in not being college educated. I learned most of what I know from a lifetime of reading. A few classes here and there but it was love of reading from an early age that taught me the most.