This week I got my legal medical marijuana license from the state of Florida. Yay. Went shopping yesterday. Happy.


Legal here in a few weeks!

The tide is turning. 29 out of 50 states in US have it now in some form. The Florida legislature passed something that blocked smoking it but a legal challenge is already underway. Inevitable. Happy gardening!

Well, congrats!!! I love gardening and I love the smell of fresh marihuana.
I just noticed, I haven’t smoked for years now. Maybe I am getting older.
Maybe I got some many distractions that I just forgot about it…

I don’t use the stuff. I’m tempted to try it once it’s legal but I would only eat it, not smoke it. I dislike smoke. I’m not sure if I’ll bother, though. We’ll see when I come back to Canada in October.

Yeah, your call Reg. Personally I don’t eat it because the dosing is close to impossible to predict. I vape.

Why is dosing hard to predict when eating it? I would assume you can put a nearly exact amount into whatever you cook.

I’m afraid I didn’t word that quite right. It’s true that thc/cbd content can be carefully controlled. The problem I have is not knowing the dose that is right for me. When eaten it takes quite a while to take effect and the effect lasts much longer than when smoked or vaped. How do you know the proper dosage for yourself? I don’t know. I know immediately when vaping and can gauge my intake accordingly.

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If I did it (which is still in question), I would probably start with a small dose and slowly increase it each day until I found a level I was happy with. I think that would work. My woman is also slightly curious about the stuff so maybe we can try it together in Colombia in a few weeks. It’s legal there to grow it for your own use.

I think that’s a good approach.

I could lose my job, so I don’t.
To think of it, I couldn’t get another job for awhile after.
What would I do without a job?
It’s like not having a jaw or even the hope of a good gob.
What would I do without a jaw or even a good gob?

I think you’re wise to be cautious, Mark. That said, I don’t consider marijuana to be a hard drug and when I talk about drug addiction, I’m never thinking about that drug. Many of my friends use pot and live normal lives. You won’t see that among crystal meth users.

Often becomes one in the same. And a user is somebody with an active dependence with still trace amounts in the system from last use, correct?

Why did you mention that salt?

Why did you say you “no longer” have Christ?

I think that’s a wise choice Mark.

You did not choose God but God chose you and called you because I asked for you and now you can ask anything in His Name and He will freely give it to you because He loves you and I love you.

Ask for a billion bucks, Will.

Thanks, Moon. But, I stil think marijuana is dangerous and I want to explain why. The guilt on many before it was legalized had terrible effects. People served time in jail and could not work in certain fields. Also many were ordered to go through long rehab classes and community service. They were told to find something wrong with their behavior and by somebody else thattheir behavior was wrong.

How can people just use it now without all these prior measures and ammends made?

If I had a billion bucks I would buy a nice hut like the one you have.