This week I got my legal medical marijuana license from the state of Florida. Yay. Went shopping yesterday. Happy.


Legal here in a few weeks!


The tide is turning. 29 out of 50 states in US have it now in some form. The Florida legislature passed something that blocked smoking it but a legal challenge is already underway. Inevitable. Happy gardening!


Well, congrats!!! I love gardening and I love the smell of fresh marihuana.
I just noticed, I haven’t smoked for years now. Maybe I am getting older.
Maybe I got some many distractions that I just forgot about it…


I don’t use the stuff. I’m tempted to try it once it’s legal but I would only eat it, not smoke it. I dislike smoke. I’m not sure if I’ll bother, though. We’ll see when I come back to Canada in October.


Yeah, your call Reg. Personally I don’t eat it because the dosing is close to impossible to predict. I vape.


Why is dosing hard to predict when eating it? I would assume you can put a nearly exact amount into whatever you cook.


I’m afraid I didn’t word that quite right. It’s true that thc/cbd content can be carefully controlled. The problem I have is not knowing the dose that is right for me. When eaten it takes quite a while to take effect and the effect lasts much longer than when smoked or vaped. How do you know the proper dosage for yourself? I don’t know. I know immediately when vaping and can gauge my intake accordingly.


If I did it (which is still in question), I would probably start with a small dose and slowly increase it each day until I found a level I was happy with. I think that would work. My woman is also slightly curious about the stuff so maybe we can try it together in Colombia in a few weeks. It’s legal there to grow it for your own use.


I think that’s a good approach.