How do you feel about the fact that Trump has reversed almost all of Obama’s pot-friendly policies?


Apparently, nothing!

Nothing Obama did changed my life. Nothing Trump does is going to change it either. But if he wants to outlaw it, go Trump! I don’t care. I’ll grow it!


Changed a lot for me as a chicken. A chicken in every pot I thought was gone with the Hoover days. When I think of pots I think big wins and gold…but I don’t want that pot win to be me! I try not to look into pots especially whenthey seem extra friendly…peas, carrots, and I know what’s missing is me!


Do you know a lot about chemistry, Mark?


You go. Enjoy your koolaid.


No, I don’t. I haven’t been able to read and comprehend a textbook of any type for well over a decade now.


What makes you think I was talking about that kind of chemistry?


Being geriatric at 17-24 yrs of age is not settling well with a lot of young men this in this country.


Michele, you are promoting a human life expectancy rate the equivalent of hot dog bread. You are actually promoting a lifestyle with human substance near identical to hot dog bread. You are not being renewed with water and whatever words…this is actually acclerating the breakdown process.

You are forcing people to become “scammers” not entrepreneurs. Also you are stressing faith and belief to look beyond the obvious dates and labels. People who get “passed by” an opportunity feel rejected and demand a better appraisal. It is not realistically maintainable.


There you go, knowing all about me again. This was fun, Mark.


No, I don’t know anything about you. I didn’t touch any hot dog buns.
Trying to trump up a charge?


We collectively made over 15 yesterday and we are hearing that October is going to be even better. If you are in the stock market, I encourage you to buy pot stock while it’s going up because this upward trend will play out eventually.


I don’t want to help you. I don’t want anything to do with drugs.


What makes you think I want or even need your help? I’m not trying to push drugs on you, Mark. Why do you think I’m out to destroy you?


You can’t do them by yourself.


But I am.


I think that is the secret message. Not that you want to merry juana and not necessarily in upanishad. You are…a…I am Arjuna! i aam arjuna.




Are you dabbling in Hinduism, Mark?


Are you dribbling in marijuana, zombie?