No but I did take Mucinex which helped a lot breaking up congestion.


You should take a dose and document it’s effect so that people will know the truth about it.


All that would tell you is the effect it had on Will. Everyone is different.


Yes, I know! That’s why I want him to try it. I want to know if it effects him they way it effects LaDonna.


Canopy Growth just exploded in the stock market. Ticker: CGC.


You need to see this for the smoke and mirrors cover up it is.


Smoke and mirrors?


Turn yourself in.



I made 2800 Friday! I’m not doing anything illegal.


It’s going to be a good day. The bell doesn’t ring for another hour and a half and I’ve already made 900.


Have a nice day, Mark!




That’s a FICA credit score. I was talking about FECO oil. You soak it in Everclear overnight, strain the pot off and let the alcohol evaporate. What you are left with is FECO oil. Similar to CBD oil but better. At least that’s what LaDonna tells me.

Why does she need this? Look how weak the flesh is. She claims she is being restored daily with “water and the Word” but she fears the commode because she will lose all her precious toilet fish buttock mass with a flush. Why would something so weak be demanding more concentrated strains and derivatives of a substance? What possible use can she get out of it? Do you think there is much sensation to anything with her? Do you pity her? What do you think you would feel if you embraced her? Empty nothingness and wasted away fat without any genetic cohesiveness.




I do not need this. I have never even done this. It’s for my sister in law who is dying, Mark. It allows her to go a full 15 minutes without oxygen.

I never labeled you a drug user. But in my mind, you have done something bad and you are using me to distract from whatever it is that you did to Lydia. So you keep doing that and we will get to the bottom of your issue.


It was a pun.


Also I didn’t forget you you spell your name with just one l, much like the famous tire company where you could replace a machine with your powerful lips mouth and lungs inflating there heaviest duty line. Is that why you are looking for smoke alternatives and more concentrated resins etc?

Who or what do you think you are or imagine yourself to be when you use pot? Only the best you must reason.


See how you talk. This tells me you have something seriously wrong in your head. Perhaps you could try approaching me from a heartfelt place. I can’t help that you take offense to my smoking pot. I wish it didn’t have to be an issue for you but I don’t care! I’m never going to stop.



It is no issue with me as I don’t. It is what repulses me from you.


That would be your problem. Don’t make it mine.


What? Abstinence? Celibacy? Fasting?


Is that your issue?