Love and death

“Everyone gets this wrong.” – An anonymous advisor.

The woman has been back home for several days. We’re not stable, though. I give it a less than 50% chance of us surviving together.

We’re seeing a marriage counselor. Whatever it takes.

Now she just came in all kissy and telling me how much she loves me. I swear the entire female species is insane.

This doesn’t change our chances. 50% at best.

Sounds like a personal problem. I hope you can work through it with her. Have you yet asked her what kind of chances of survival she gives your relationship?

Interesting thought. No, I haven’t.

No worries. There’s a 50% chance you would have, eventually.

Let us know when you go to marriage counseling. In the meantime, we are here for you.

Springsteen has some good advice.

We went together on Friday. Now we go separately. She goes on Tuesday and I go on Thursday. Then we go together again.

The counselor is a woman, around 45, fluently bilingual. I like her.

We’ll see.

Keep us posted. I would be interested in what she has to say. Especially after you tell her you give it a 50 percent chance of survival.

It’s pretty much over. We have decided to divorce after my surgery, in roughly 2 months.

Now she’s all crying and begging me to take her back. Last time I was begging her to take me back. I’m honestly not sure. I am sick of the drama.

50% sick? Perhaps if she’s good to you this week, you will be 50% satisfied. Keep us posted, Friend. You know how much we love your sick drama.

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Hey Reg, Sounds like things are tough, I hope stuff works out the best for you. Missed this place.

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Julie!!! Great to see you. Yes, things suck but I will likely live. How are you?

Life’s pretty good really. Busy working, doing lots of travel within Aussie with the job. We are going to back to Abu Dhabi as a stopover in Sept, on the way to UK and a wedding in Slovenia. First big trip out of Aussie since I came back. Family is growing and all is well.
I miss the sand though.

And Reg, I canna believe you took the plunge and got married, that’s even more surprising than me doing it! Sorry things are rough going.
Tell me the goss on bbad, though after the protracted absence, I don’t deserve. I meant to call you sooo many times, but then felt guilty because I had been so lousy at keeping in touch …


God, Julie, never feel guilty. If you disappeared for 10 years, I’d just say “hi Julie” when you came back. Communication is always a 2 way street. I could easily have called you too, but there was always something. Anyway, glad you’re around and hope you find it interesting enough to stay, and if not we’ll catch up in another few years.

I did a civil union, mostly for visa reasons, but I’m not waffling – it’s a marriage, both in law and in my mind. I am now really seeing the benefits and reasons for marriage which never made sense to me when I was younger. It is a kind of promise that is just simply more binding than other promises. This, of course, makes it worse when it falls apart. Ours hasn’t yet. We’re working on it. Things have actually been really good for about a week. I’d give it about a 50% chance of lasting another 10 years, and a 25% chance of lasting until death.

I really hope you get the best outcome for happiness, be it together or apart. Enough said really, apart from life being too short to be miserable for the majority.

And thanks for being nice about me being a crappy friend.