Love and death

Do too Will, lol

Happy for you then Julie. I guess.

We went to a town called Envigado today. It’s a suburb of Medellín. It was cool, clean, full of art and music, with a hippy vibe. There were even chess boards crafted into the benches so people could play, and many did. Problem is everyone is older. Typical retirement town. Then again, we’re not kids. I can see 60 on the horizon and she can see 50. She’d like to try Canada, having never lived in the first world. I’m dead set against living in Canada forever but I’m open to trying for a few years. Maybe this little town could work for both of us. We’re thinking about it.

Does she play chess? My wife is awful at chess. Her words. I’m going to paint a checkerboard on a table in a few weeks.

Can she visit Canada first? Vancouver is a big city. Would probably seem enormous to her.

He have puny cities in new England. 600000 (Boston) is our biggest population.

She knows the rules but she’s awful. I spot her a queen and a rook and still beat her in 20 moves.

Yes, and we will. After my surgeries, we’ll go to Vancouver for a few months, unless we decide to divorce again. lol. I dread it, but for complex reasons. Vancouver shows very well. I dread the possible arguments about staying in Canada forever. Maybe they won’t happen. Her English sucks and you can’t really survive in Vancouver without English. We’ll be arriving just in time for a depressing winter which will help. She’ll also miss her family. I might be safe.

Here’s a photo that shows several of the chess boards crafted into the benches. You can see a couple of guys playing in the middle. You can also see how old everyone is. I’m just not sure I’m ready for that. I know retirement-home life is coming but does it have to be here today?

For God’s sake, you haven’t begun to suffer yet. In your fifties . . .phhht!

I don’t understand people who want to live really long lives. My mother lived into her late 80’s but was blind and helpless by then. When she died, her husband died 3 days later. I have heard of that sort of thing happening. Are they afraid of death or just gritting it out for as long as they can? I wonder if I am the oldest fart on BBAD. Probably. 73 this month and getting worse all the time. 7 pills a day. Still smoking, drinking and smoking pot. No more LSD or mushrooms. Ready any time.

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73! What day?

July 20. The day man set foot on the moon (if he really did).

Damn it! I’ll be 72. See how bad it gets? I don’t even know how old I am anymore. Lol.

What would you have guessed my age to be Michele?

I didn’t think I needed to guess. I thought you were 71.

I know this! Nothing I said should be taken as a complaint. I’m just musing about how best to spend the time I have left. I am grateful to have choices. Most don’t.

What is with the surgeries?

Diabetic ulcer got infected above my ankle. Nearly lost my foot. Honestly excellent health care here in Colombia saved me. I have had one surgery already done to clear out the infection down to the bone. Now I’ve had three months of recovery and am looking at one reconstructive surgery to make my foot look normal and then a skin graft surgery after that. I’d post a photo but it’s as gross as hell. I can walk and I have my foot so no complaints.

PS to Michele and Daniel: I live in a country where the average person makes less in a year than you’ll make in a month but they have universal health care. The idea of letting people die or lose limbs because they don’t have money is nothing short of disgraceful.

PPS to anyone: I am making a point of declaring myself tax resident in Colombia and paying taxes here this year even though I could easily and legally declare myself tax resident in Canada where the rates are lower. They helped me more than I can adequately express and it’s morally right for me to pay them back.

Well whoop-t-do! I live in a country where we pay low taxes so everyone can afford their own insurance, and those who can’t have government assistance.

Thanks Obama. :smiley: