Woman hires hitman to kill husband, on cam

Lol :joy:

With so many women on your list of possible killers and one converting to Islam - and it never occurred to you something is wrong with you, lol? Apropos Cori. It was clear by her behaviour, that she was mentally ill long before she converted. Ferni was just a desperate young pregnant woman. And don‘t worry, I wouldn‘t waste a day in prison because of you. I just would decide to save my dog instead of you, if I had to choose to save only one from drowning.

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Are you married yet, Gunda? You must be almost 50 by now. Time’s running out.

Are you married yet? You know that you‘re nearly 60 and men aditionally usually even die earlier than women.

But no, I am not married and contrary to you, I am not having desperately to be with someone I don‘t love, only because you fear times of sickness and to die alone.


I’m 53.

How surprising. Good luck with that.

If he can’t blame it on his woman, it didn’t occur to him.

I found this fascinating and would love to hear the backstory.

Don’t be silly, Gunda. What kind of idiot would do that? lol

Reg took advantage of a pregnant woman? :flushed: (That’s disgusting, Reg.) I thought she was just passing through and Reg mistook her for a lonely woman. Not true?

Dear Lord, Gunda. Throw me a bone! There are too many variables with Reg’s women.

I suppose one could assume your woman didn’t give your relationship a 50% chance of survival.

I am sorry about your woman problems but at your age, you are probably just suffering from a touch of karma. Good luck with that!

True, but let him without sin cast the first stone.

Ask Ferni if I took advantage of her. We’re still good friends and I am quite sure she will have nothing bad to say about me or our time together, Gunda’s bunny boiling notwithstanding.

Not me. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone. It might be wise not to speak of things you know nothing about.

What stone? It was my opinion or am I not allowed to have one? Geez, you are being sensitive.

Huh? lol What’s that?

Sorry, I think I will go do something wise.

About 50%?

I gladly correct my post then: You are a married-soon-divorced 53 year old sack far away from the age of 60. :joy: Hurry up, maybe Michelle’s hubbies Russian whore is on the market again. Two whores might be a better match anyway, given that you always considered prostitution just the cheaper variant of marriage. And I bet, also in Russia you will find places with adequately cheap housing and lifestyle like in Columbia.:laughing:

Is she Michele? Or do you know? Can you be sure you know?

Cheap housing, certainly. Cheap lifestyle? Perhaps you think it’s cheap for Colombians to reject western culture. Personally, I don’t seek a moody, brooding, drugged up, obese, hairy feminist who hates men but expects them to pay for her lifestyle, so the western world is probably not a good place for me to look.

We’re very friendly now that the decision has been made. Anyone looking at us would think we’re newlyweds, holding hands and laughing. Life is a perverse and bizarre treadmill. If there is any point to it, I don’t know of it.

Glad to hear it worked out like that. No, there is no point.

You just described me and 50% of this country. And we are thankful to you for sparing us.

If she isn’t, I’m going to call Hubby Superman tonight.