Life is good

I really sympathize with this. May we all be spared those totally unnecessary terrible last days. May she rest in peace.


sorry to hear that, try to focus on all the nice years you got to spend with her

Without me, she would have died in that utter primitive, even bad - but still better private shelter than the public ones in Romania, which mostly are nothing else but horrible killing stations of the worst kind (without regular food and water supply). They didn‘t recognize her Diaphragm tear and even if they did, they wouldn’t have had the money for an operation. Additionally she attacked every human and dog out of fear. She got rid of her fears over the years with me though. She was a lovely partner to my other dog and loved her couch time with me. Humans treated her very badly and also caused multiple fractures during her 4 years as a stray dog. But knowing this doesn‘t help me to feel bad for not having been able to spare her those last days alone in a cage. It was time for her to go. But not like that.

So sorry again. I hope her remains gives you a little peace.

nods, sounds to me you did what you believed is right and that you made a big change for good in her (and your) life

what more can be expected of human beings? if everyone did that this world would be a much nicer place

You gave her many years of comfort, happiness and joy, which is far more important than a few days of discomfort. She had a better life than most animals, and that was your doing. Her suffering has now ended. It’s time for her to rest.

As much as it cost me nerves and even more time and money to take good care of Gracie due to her huge package regarding her psyche - and as a result her social problems towards nearly anything - as well as her physical health, I miss her and this won’t stop. Jamie is cute and I love her to pieces, but she’s not a real dog, lol. More like a big cat. And I don’t relate to body size here.

Today we met a few other „cats“ on our walk. No real dogs sighted today.

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Christmas is gone, Easter is coming. The circle goes on.