Life is good

Contrary to what you say, I don’t subscribe to garbage like that. It was in my Telegram news feed.

Actually, it’s exactly what I said. SpecialQForces. A lunatic fringe fake news feed.

Is this fake news?

Of course it is fake. The election was not rigged, regardless how much factual evidence is presented even if Liberals ignore required facts and logic, unless of course the facts are a lie and then we must pursue the lie as fact to appease Liberals. I’m so glad I was able to talk myself through these fake lies with facts and logic. I think it has helped and I believe in giving credit where credit is due, even though I know I’m also lying to myself about it, since facts and logic are not true here.

Michele, you have presented no evidence. Neither has Trump, or Sidney Powell, or Rudy Giuliani, or Tucker Carlson, or any other right wing lunatic out there. Wild conspiracy theory Trump fan fiction is not evidence.

Correct. Every piece of evidence presented is labeled a conspiracy, true or not.

Conspiracy theory :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Correct, that is a conspiracy theory, but if it were true that the census bureau conspired to elect more democrats, I commend them on their righteous work.

Absolutely! Unmatched even.

That was from Feb 2020. Since then Covid hit and I blimped up to 90 kilos last year. I’m down to the low 80s now and 79 is again within reach. Let’s see how I do.

Good for you Reg. I need to make some dietary changes and find some sort of discipline so I can stick with a program.

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nice pic, looks like a fun place for those doggies to play :wink:

Yup, it’s just a 5 minute drive by car from where I live. From there you can walk 20 minutes and reach even a sandy (no pebbles like on that picture) riverbank, where dogs are allowed. It’s perfect.

Tomorrow I am driving down to my family, which lives on a tiny farm in Tiefenbach, 8 km north of Passau, where I was born. Days before that, I usually always become sentimental and ponder a lot about my beautiful childhood. And that’s why I start listening to Mey. I also walked on railways and strolled or rode on my horse alone through the forest. I was such a lucky kid, despite we haven’t hadmuch money. But we lived on our own soil and we were loved and given the freedom to do what we wanted to do. I am so thankful for the memories I was able to collect because of my parents. And I look forward to stroll through those forests down to the river Ilz again on this weekend together with my dogs and getting served coffee when coming home.

…und feiner dünner Nieselregen fällt,
Auf schimmernden Basalt, da bin ich wieder. :blush:

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Gracie left me not the way I hoped. And way too early. Hope you enjoyed your journey with me at least a bit. I did my best. Be lenient with me. I love you and miss you so much. You deserve a heaven more than most people you met in your life, Thanks for being my friend, Good night, Gracie!

Sorry to hear your dog passed, Gunda, but he’s probably in a better place than we are here.

I am sorry to hear of this, Gunda. How did your dog pass? Our cat died of kidney failure a little over a year ago.

I’m so sorry!

Thank you all. She got cut open to detect the reasons for the various changes of her organs. I am still waiting for the results of the biopsies taken. But she did die of post-operative complications, likely from a thrombus.

I knew my dog. She had diverse problems and symptoms for years. I wished my local pet doctor would have agreed to euthanize her, for that she does not have to leave this world alone in a far away clinic. She hated clinics and to stay in a cage. The doctor denied. I wish I could have spared her those terrible last days.

I will get her ash today and bring her home again for good.

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