Life is good

#1 is good.


I thought you hated Tiefenbach.


I am not surprised you got also that wrong, lol. I always loved my home and family in Tiefenbach. I grew up in a paradise surrounded by love and freedom. Additionally, that house is located on a little hill with a great view into the green.


I love walking my dog at the sea each morning. I love looking at the sea’s wide horizon and listening to the waves. Sigh.


I just got back from PEI. Only my second trip to Canada, surprisingly. It’s only 5 hours away. They have a real passion for Anne of Green Gables on PEI, but I can’t imagine how much money that book has made them. It was what I expected. I probably won’t drive 10 hours there again. The food was actually good. Great potatoes of course. Surpisingly good pizza. 47 canadian dollars to drive over the 8 mile bridge that cost 800 million dollars. I wonder if all of Canada paid for that bridge of just PEI. Probably all of Canada. It is free to drive to PEI. 47 to get back. Nice bridge though. Folks from PEI were so nice. Of course, it was very white. I didn’t receive any hate for being an American. I guess Trudeau was in Charlottetown at the same time.


I love walking my dog each morning along the empty, sandy beach. Looking at the wide horizon and watching the seagulls soaring. Sigh. I will miss that.

Über’s Meer


Is that G for guilt?


Did you buy an LG product recently?


You move around like a senior citizen does. Been doing that for over a decade now. Is this just rehearsal for that age or is it really just layers of the same cake with the pain/paint slowly catching up?


Your body looks old Dan. Do you know how somethings get old just after being left out for one night or exposed to sunshine, rain, etc? You are younger than me chronologically, and nothing mentioned about Carbon-14 you do not feel comfortable for some reason. You seem as if you do not want Wil or Pastor Lindstedt to let on about something.


I mean it would be nothing embarrassing if we met you or Gunda at 13 or 14 years no longer asking friends if they wanted to play the same games they did in elementary school to an asking adult inquiring about age.

But what if I said these socks I am wearing, underwear, pants and t- shirt are all 14 years old and I can still wear them? That would seem old right? That is the kind of old feeling I am referring to. You actually got that feeling at that age.


First time I’ve uploaded a file from my phone on here. Also the first 4000 footer ive hiked in over a year. I’m tired, but not sore. Must be in better shape than I thought.


Trail was quite slick with a lot of wet leaves. Air was great. No bugs. 10 degrees C. Shorts and a light jacket.


8 miles? You do that often?


Sorry I forgot you don’t talk to me lol


I haven’t for over a year.


Actually I walk 8 miles a day at work, but not 2500 feet up and 2500 feet down.


I want to do this. I want to climb a mountain but I know I’m not ready for it lol


How long did that take?


That’s brilliant! I have never done that. I might try Monserrate when I’m back in Colombia because I envy your doing this. lol.