Life is good

sunbathing! very nice pic :wink:

Don’t they run through that little hole in the fence? Nice photo, btw. Very idyllic.

I guess the woman who asks. “Is that supposed to happen?” is the homeowner. Talk about laid back.

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I think that’s how Bill gets his wood.

Discovered a new family that moved in on our property and decided to build a home.

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illegal immigrants!

The nest is empty.

aww… oh no, you ate them?!

I was out of my favorite ice cream.

And now strawberries.

And out of chocolate sauce.

And whipped cream.

It was a real tragedy.

No, I did not eat them.


Goose. :wink:


It’s shortly past 8 am, sunday, and I served breakfast to all my pets. Now I enjoy my first morning coffee in the sunny but thankfully yet not too warm garden. Life to me is kind at the moment, for which I am greatly thankful, as I know that bitch will show it’s ugly face eventually.

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Enjoying the clover blooming.


onjey the clever bleeming

Thank you!

My peas and herbs are doing great too!


my lawn is thriving

this is corn

Ok, that killed me, lol.


Well played.

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Thank you! Hope you had a safe holiday weekend.