Life is good

Gracie got diagnosed with Diabetes yesterday. Everything is good, as the treatment with insulin is relatively easy. What irritates me and which makes me a bit angry was just my reaction to that diagnose. Despite I knew it‘s manageable, maybe a minute after the doctor told me and while showing me how to give the insulin injection, my eyes went blurry and I couldn‘t see anything anymore, till I finally was capable to stop crying. I don‘t even know why I cried. Maybe it was the feeling I have to hurt her now several times a day, no clue. I felt so ashamed about my tears, and appologized a few times, as I needed minimum a minute to controll it. I even had to laugh in between, because I was so stunned as well as angry about this unwanted reaction of mine. I think, killing a bad person must be way easier than feeling empathy for some innocent being. At least I doubt I would shed a tear after killing a rapist or murder. But who knows and I hopefully never have to find that out.

I gave Gracie the injection twice now and it was easy. She‘s already more active than she was the last week.

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The insulin will save her life. I know better than most.

aww thats probably just the initial shock of feeling helpless and anger of why it has to be her
yes its annoying but its also a good thing; she will probably live a happier and longer life now together with you

i dont think there are completely bad or only innocent people, we are all a combination of those things
sick people require treatment, not killing :wink:

i hope you are slightly sad

your english is slightly that of a slightly fucking nazi cunt

i would rather kill

  • a rapist
  • a murder
  • gunda
  • i hope i never find out

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I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. I mean, at the time you feel what you feel. I mean now that you are in your current state and can look back. The vet sees emotional people all the time. I’m guessing most of them would rather have a pet owner that cares about their pet.

Insulin is a great “drug.”

Well, I have no problems to shed tears at home but I don‘t feel well showing that weakness in public, regardless if it’s a friend or foreigner. It does not help and I stole that doctor as well as other patients a minute or two. That‘s why. But I of course also know it‘s no big deal. Luckily the animal doctor was a woman. I would have been even more embarrassed, if it was a man, lol.

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Snow and grey weather is finally gone. Spring arrived. Frohe Ostern!

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nice pictures, gunda… happy bunny day everyone!

awe. Gunda, I am jealous. Last week we had weather in the 70s and now there is frost on the ground, hail and snow flurries.

I think I killed the two zuchinni plants I bought. And the bare root asparagus hasn’t shown any green sprouts.

those are doubtless ukrainian rescue dogs

it’s like twitter for smart people

one thing i know about chicken
my dog will kill a live one

Just made this photo through the living room door to not wake them up. Each time I see them having a good time or relaxing, I feel good. We are allowed to live in our little paradise. May it never end.

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just took this photo through the door so as not to wake them up
that fence should keep refugees out of germany
close the sky in ukraine
why don’t we talk about that?