Life is good

It doesn’t, really, but it is impossible for most of us to go from respecting life to suddenly not caring about a body the moment it dies. We do it for ourselves, to make us feel that life has value (and our lives and our bodies are inextricably intertwined), and to take comfort in the idea that someone will respect our bodies the same way when we die. Most of us do not want to be eaten or put in garbage bags, although I admit it matters little logically if we are.

yes its interesting and strange to me why or how so many people can find comfort in imaging value in that, but to each their own of course

to me its just something you leave behind and that needs to be cleaned up… waste similar to what is deposited in a toilet

that does lead to the question: why dont more people believe you should respect their poop?

I would acknowledge any will of someone what to do with his own dead body, and be it to put it in the waste bin (if that would be legal, lol). But I wish for myself, that none of my family ever would have such a strange last will, as this would be not healthy for anyone in my family. Same to commit suicide at home where the family will find one. Even worse, a kid/child even. I also want to be able to „visit“ a grave or at least a seas shore, where one I loved was sunk into, in whatever form. This wish to have a decent burial, for both the dead person as well as for his beloved ones, is deeply rooted in most people.

yes for some weird reason people believe its somehow right to destroy nature and dedicate large pieces of land to dumping their corpses… polluting the earth

i dont see anything right or decent about that

But obviously not for all. I found this hedgehog on the ground of the public swimming pool. Hedgehogs often don’t find enough food any more and became an endangered species due to the most intelligent being on earth.

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Gracie is sick again (as so often). But this time relatively “mild”. Nevertheless, she enjoys lying beside me on the couch, getting her fur ruffled and skin kneaded. Sopherl lying on the left enjoys the same service, lol. While I am smiling and watching a squirrel running around that big pine in my beloved garden.

Lol, meanwhile, one after the other of the 6 animal housemates entered the living room and chose their place.

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I enjoyed a very calm and nice Sunday forenoon at the couch, enjoying the peaceful company of my and my flatmate’s pets and listening to slow Zither music. Loved it, but now a little walk will be good too.Thankfully, the sun is there for a change. The last few days were just nastily wet, grey and cold, if also not freezing. In short, not even my dogs made me want to leave the house. May the sun stay. And snow come. But no more rain and clouds.

Again? You’re being cruel. Put her down. It’s better that way. You won’t have to suffer long if you put her down. She won’t suffer either.

She‘s not that sick. Or will your hubby put you down as soon as you get your next nausea or migraine? Gracie got diagnosed with that her nausea might originate from scar tissue. The time in between she is fit enough to chase some cats and joggers (if I would let her). She enjoys her life just like you do. Probably even more.

Sorry I didn’t mean to put you through something stressful. If it’s just scar tissue you would thing they could just cut it out.

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Apologize accepted. Unfortunately the tissue scar isn‘t operable. Otherwise I would have done it.

That is unfortunate but your sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. Everyone here recognizes your commitment so she has the best quality of life any animal could be given.

I saw the photos you posted the other day. You’re a pretty woman. That doesn’t drive me to want to make a donation to your cause since I believe it’s better to put them down so their death will be quick and painless. I’m merciful that way. :grimacing:

Why should they be put down if there are people who want them as their pets? Also, it‘s not their fault but the people who don‘t castrate them (or rather their parent dogs) and kick dogs (and cats) out if they don‘t want them anymore. What you do is gruesome. Merciful is to take care of the innocent and teach the irresponsible idiots to not be the cause for animal suffering.

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What I do is gruesome? I advocate 1 shot and done.
What about people who run dogs over and then back over them and repeat the same cruel act with their automobiles? When you rescue a wounded animal, doctor it back to health and then hand it over to a stranger, you are potentially putting that wounded animal in harms way, again, possibly making their last state worse than the first. You might as well hand them over to dog fighters. That’s gruesome.

Do you muzzle your pets?

As long as my animals have continued to eat, I have tried to keep them going.

I had a bad calf cramp at 2 am the other day, but I still wanted to live.


as long as they can walk, i don’t care if they eat

three dots

there we go, knew you could do it!
the … are there… :wink: