Jesus Was A Refugee And An Immigrant


Again, for what it’s worth, I see the entire western world following the US down the sewer, including my own country. I take no pleasure in this prognosis.


Really? You don’t think drinking much wine every night for 30 years contributed to your issues?

You live an affluent life and yet you support socialism. Correct me (because I know you will) but isn’t socialism all about spreading the wealth and yet I don’t see you giving your wealth away. Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t care if you give it away or not. I just don’t understand why you support socialism and cling to your own wealth at the same time. Also, I’m not trying to bash you for making it. I’m actually happy the Lord has blessed you. I’m just trying to understand the what feels like a contradiction.


Did you purposefully leave Europe and Asia out or do you think they are somehow going to escape the wrath of God?


No, on the contrary I’m quite certain that drinking a glass of wine a night for 10 years (not 30) contributed nothing at all to my health issues. I’m diabetic and have high blood pressure, both of which are hereditary in my family. The doctors told me I’d grow up to be diabetic when I was 12, having a history of it on both sides of my family. By the way, I drink a glass of wine a week these days and have for many years, not that it would matter at all if I drank a bit more.

I take no offense at all. It’s a reasonable question. You are correct in your wording: you don’t see it. In Canada, I pay about 40% of my personal income in tax. This supports our medical system, our welfare system, and keeps our cities safe and clean (much safer and cleaner than US cities). I happily pay this amount in order to live in a country that has very little desperation among its people.


Well, if you want more detail about what I believe (while understanding that I do not claim to have all the answers), my best guess is that the entire world is going to follow the US down the sewer. We are being destroyed by our own prosperity. Without struggle, I’m not sure we have any purpose.

My best guess: the US will implode over the next 30 to 50 years. You can already see it starting. Many of your cities look like shit and smell like piss. Some of them look worse than third world hell holes. It is not sustainable.

Following the US will be the entire western world, including Canada, Europe and Australia. All of these people have fallen into self indulgence and self gratification. Worse, the people have started to disrespect their own bodies, becoming fat and drug addicted. The children in these places are soft little turds who think the world owes them a living. I’d give these nations perhaps 20 years more than the US before they too implode.

Then there is Asia. They will have a long reign at the top in my opinion, perhaps a hundred years. They are less self indulgent and they work harder, so I expect them to last much longer. Still, in the end, they too will succumb and the world will be full of fat, drug addicted losers.

Off to the side are South America and Africa, neither of which have any real chance of dominating the world. They’ll stumble along as well as they can but it is the west and Asia that will determine the world’s fate imo.


Imho, there are not 50 years left. I question 5.

You continue refuse to see with the beautiful eyes of your heart the Lord gave you or you would know, it is Jesus who will decide our fate.
Do you agree?