Jesus Was A Refugee And An Immigrant

we will see. Economy and Germany alone isn’t everything. I pray for the worst :wink: Sometimes worse is better. And since my kids are at a safe place, I’d just love to see “some action”.

How long do you think that will be? And when we re-emerge, where do you think we will be? And who do you think our Leader will be?

This is incorrect. When Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt with baby Jesus, there was no set time for their return. Matthew 2 says they stayed until the death of King Herod when an angel told them it was safe to return. We don’t know how long their stay in Egypt was but there was absolutely no fixed term involved, or even an estimated date of return when they fled.

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Jesus as son of god with virgin birth could do many things that us humans cannot do e.g. forgiving sins, healing racially related people (not Canaanites), being spotless without a wrinkle, some say build the earth…etc.

So if HE had done something, it doesn’t mean that WE are allowed to do it as we are bound to the law.

Jesus didn’t do jack. He was a baby. Mary and Joseph made the call, and they fled to Egypt.

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Just because it wasn’t recorded in the Bible doesn’t mean there wasn’t a set time.

True but the story makes it clear there was no set time. They fled to Egypt to save their son. They stayed until the angel told them it was safe to return. There was obviously no set time.

Yes there was. And Jesus was not an illegal immigrant because He is the Son of God and all things belong to Him and in Him are all things.

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How do you conclude this? No set time is mentioned in the Bible and the story makes no sense if there is a set time.

Everything is in God’s time.

This is a very complex question and I am just guessing on all points, but I’ll give it a go.

I think Trump is the first in a wave of populist leaders that will destroy the US. These will be interspersed with progressives, as is the usual way in the US, but even the progressives are often anti-trade in the US so we’re likely to see the US looking more inward and less outward in the coming decades.

The EU economy is already bigger than that of the US. In 10 years, China’s economy will be bigger and in 30 years, so will India’s. In that time, nations like Canada and Mexico which have traditionally traded with the US will have (hopefully) drastically shifted their economies to trade with other nations. With its new protectionist policies, the US will stop benefiting from competitive products made in other countries and will instead focus on buying internally, even when prices are higher and quality is lower. This will, of course, mean that products made in the US will continue to grow more and more uncompetitive, just as products made in the Soviet Union were uncompetitive for exactly the same reasons.

This will leave the US largely stagnant, although its tech giants will likely keep it afloat. That won’t last forever, though, as tech advances and becomes more global. Interestingly, it is US advances in technology (such as AWS and Google) that are making it more possible for foreign companies to compete with the US in tech. I am a tiny example of this. Irony will not help the US in the long run, however.

The people of the US and the western world will continue to grow fatter, stupider and more drug addicted. They will play their video games, don their ridiculous virtual reality head gear and escape into other pretend worlds of their own making. When in the real world, they will do drugs and mark up their bodies with ugly symbols thinking this will somehow make them more unique. In the rest of the world, people are busy surviving (as humans were designed to) and they will have no time for such ugly passions. They will be busy working and having families. They are not fat and they don’t generally waste time on drugs. They almost never mark up their bodies with hideous symbols.

The US will also continue to go deeper and deeper into debt, especially with not-smart presidents like Trump who don’t believe in paying for what you use. He is set to run the largest peacetime deficits in history with his absurd tax cuts. These insane debt levels will eventually begin to crush the US economy as most tax dollars will be spent on debt and infrastructure will fall into disrepair.

In about 50 years, I’d guess the US will look a lot like 1980s Russia, perhaps 50 years behind modern nations, not producing anything of value, and probably trying to invade its way back to prosperity just as the Soviets did. At some point, though, it will implode, also just as the Soviets did, and then they will begin on the path back to prosperity, yet again as the Soviets did and are still doing. I would also add that, when the implosion comes, I doubt the US will survive in one piece. The Soviets didn’t.

You sound like Hitler.

Your disgust for us shows. Your judgement is harsh and you pretend to be righteous without salvation. And when destruction comes, who will you call upon?

What is coming on us is coming on the entire world. If what you see in us now disgusts you, how will you feel when you see us coming with the Lord?

You know what disgusts me? Satan! Because he makes everyone see their side as the truth but The Truth is in Jesus and He made His Truth attainable through the sacrifice He made when He took a beating and died on the cross. I suppose you are too busy “surviving” to notice.

The United States is definitely looking inward. We are examining ourselves and finding ourselves guilty.

And technology won’t help the world.

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This is the part that really crushes my soul. You imply we are less than human. The very thing you questioned just 2 hours ago.

For what it’s worth, I don’t limit that observation to the US. The entire western world, including my country of Canada, has fallen. We are fat, drug addicted and useless. Our children are entitled little shits who have often not worked a day in their lives and think their parents and/or governments should provide for them until they die. They think that what they play and watch somehow justifies their existence. The US probably leads the way here but the rest of us are following.

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You judge us as less than human while you sit in your your rich, sterile condominium with your own health issues?

I have plenty of health issues, true, but none were self inflicted. I do live an affluent life but I have earned every cent I have. I got nothing from my parents and had to make it on my own. I spend my time learning Spanish and operating my business, not doing drugs and living in pretend worlds. Make of that what you will.

I’m sorry, Reg. I do know this is our fault. You really do have every right to feel the way you do.