Jamal Khashoggi


Wow! These are irresponsible terrorist countries. And I find it rich that you bitch about this but failed to post anything about Obama when he had Qaddafi killed.


Michele, the truth is that America has been the biggest terrorist nation in the world for decades, followed by Israel. Your nation has invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea…the list goes on. How many nations has Iran invaded in its lifetime? That’s right, none. How many has North Korea? Right again, none. Syria? None again. I am totally against nuclear weapons but I also totally understand these nations wanting protection against US (Republican) crusades.


Iran has never ever ever invaded another country? Are you sure about that?


Quite, yes. Iraq invaded Iran.


Perphsps in contemporary history but wasn’t Iran previously Persia?


Didn’t Persia invade the entire Middle East?


I spoke clearly of the nation called Iran which dates back to 1953 (another US terrorist act by the way).


Ok well they are still the same people and I can take you to the beginning of time and show you all the invading they have done.


You’re being silly, which is not uncommon. By this argument, the Cherokees fighting with the Navajo long before the US was even an idea in anyone’s mind constitutes a US invasion.


Oh of course we are terrorists because someone has to stand up to the bullies.


Your the one saying Iran has never invaded another country.


Michele, your nation has invaded and destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and North Korea in our lifetimes, none of whom ever lifted a finger against the US, and you call other nations that have never invaded anyone “bullies”?

I’m done with this conversation. Go drink some more koolaid and yell “America, Fuck Yeah!!!”.


My pleasure! You can go have another glass of orgasmic wine and practice blackout pressure.


I just have to ask this one question.


If we are such an awful terrorist country, why is there a swelling caravan heading our way?


That’s right, Dick! Because you are a liar and the father of them.


It is headed towards Mexico. They might overshoot.


They are in Mexico already and a second caravan with 2000 just recently began accumulating outside Guatemala.


You should be concerned, Mark. You know they are coming through California.


7,000? This reminds me of the Trump inauguration crowd estimate.