MARK ALMOND: Oil tanker attacks bring US-Iran tensions to a new level

I’m sorry. You are right and I was wrong. They deserve protection from the US crusade launched against them. Their behavior truly goes beyond invasive. I hope you can forgive me for being so ignorant to reality of a world beyond the United States. We have bullied the world long enough and someone really should step in and defend Iran against this tyrannical leadership.

I think this is the lead up to the next phony excuse for war by the U.S. Much like the Iraq fiasco. Vietnam too.

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I agree. The US is behind it all. We should demand our government nuke itself.


PS: I’m guessing Michele is buying this ridiculous story that the Iranians did it. I’m guessing she bought the weapons of mass destruction story in Iraq, too.

Absolutely not! I think this is the lead up to the next phony excuse for war by the U.S. Much like the Iraq fiasco. Vietnam too.

I know. Right?


I don’t know what this means.

How is that possible?

I know that you come here on a regular basis to have intercourse with me. However I don’t read emoji. Perhaps you would translate.

Your intercourse makes me feel subservient to your supremacy.

Not “the US” (whatever this shall be)
The deep state

Trump 2019 entered the deep state:
First Golan Heights
Then Celebrating a “gay” and “pride” month
now Saddams WMD 2.0

soon, he’ll adapt CO2 pseudo-religion, I tell yah

always something good, welcome to the right side of life, MyBigMoon

If you would get your mind out of the gutter, your view of President Trump would improve.

I didn’t understand this.

Oh I get it. The oil tanker attack. I didn’t know you thought the same.

north korea invaded south korea
syria invaded israel
iran did plenty of invading before it was called iran
what the fuck?
3 out of 3 wrong

North Korea did invade South Korea 71 years ago. True.

Syria did not invade Israel, unless you are talking about the Yom Kippur war in which case the Golan Heights have always been (and still are) recognized as Syrian territory. That wasn’t an invasion by any rational standard.

Iran did not invade anyone. You are talking nonsense, as usual.

You got 1 out of 3 right. I got 2 out of three right. One of us passed.

I hope you don’t devolve/regress back into heckling. Don’t be a loser, Bill. Digging out a post I made in October of 2018 and trying to pick it to pieces is not the behaviour of a sane person.

uh oh

you are full of shit