Jamal Khashoggi


Between 7 and 14,000 is what I read yesterday.


Well that’s a pretty wide spread don’t you think?


I’m sure it will come together at the border.


I hear they are all carrying the plague and chemical weapons! Not using condoms either!!


That’s disgusting. All the more reason to make it stop.


You live in fear.


That’s because I’m a girl.


Someone passed us on a two-lane, non-passing zone the other day and we agreed it was a man.


Could have been a dyke.


In Oklahoma? Idk, maybe.


Lol! They’re everywhere! Everywhere!


I know they are but not in Oklahoma as much as New York or California or even Florida for that matter.


Why, I’ll bet that caravan is full of 'em.


Who cares! They may be full of criminals tho.


Gotta take a break. Too old to go long without a pee.


I remember.


Back. Decided while I was there I would dump the whole load. Had breakfast yet?






Well, that didn’t come out the way I meant. I was referring to ruining your appetite.