Then there’s still hope and truthfulness is the only reason you get a heart for this article. I can’t complain too much about Canadian policy since Biden is withholding weapons from Israel.

Outside the Vancouver Art Gallery about 2 hours ago.


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Ireland, Norway and Spain!

That video is 30 minutes long. I’ll watch it in the way to work.

The tl;dr version is that those three countries, all white Western nations, will formally recognize the nation of Palestine.

I love this about Israel.


Biden is fencing around the White House to protect pro-Palestinians.

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Excellent posts, Michele.

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In Montreal they arrested 15 ppl who had broken into an administration building. The person who threw a Molotov into the front door of the synagogue in Vancouver has not been caught it made the front page of the Vancouver Sun.

Just read on CBC on the bbad feed that 4 Israeli hostages were rescued in a military operation that killed 55 pallies. Free the hostages Hamas and ban the IRG in Canada.

Benny Ganz just resigned. It should be the end of the road but Netanyahu has far more than 9 lives.

What say Hamas and Qatar on the proposal? Netanyahu is a very skilled operator.

I’m sorry…I haven’t read any article about this but we live in a lawless world now so I seriously doubt anyone will pursue Justice.

I thought I read 3 of 4 but maybe I read it wrong.

What an arrogant man. This is why Netanyahu has to keep moving forward with the war on Hamas. If they don’t stop this terrorist he will kill and keep killing innocent civilians. That’s all he knows to do. That’s the only training he’s ever had.

I hope Israel wins this war but the Israeli leader is very controversial his wife was convicted of a crime while he was in power and his war cabinet ally just bolted and is calling for elections. Saw on the news in London, Ont that a mosque was firebombed and in that same town a drugie man killed 4 Moslems by running them over with a truck seriously injured another he doubled back to run them over. What an evil man and sadly this country has no death penalty. The guy knew he had mental health problems but when he asked his parents to get him help they refused and for some reason when he was on his own he did not get help.

This war has been a disaster for Israel politically. Almost everyone in the world under 30 hates Israel, now. This is the beginning of the end for the Zionist state. And no, that is not a call for genocide, nor is it antisemitic. It is a simple acknowledgement that the Government of Israel will almost certainly be replaced by a secular democracy with equal rights for all, once the next generation of westerners takes control and stops propping up the Zionist state.

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