The next time you demonstrate disgraceful behavior and call me sucker, roll your tongue like a Spaniard and throw in a few extra r’s cause that’s what I like.

I’m not a liar, you jackass. I pointed out that your favorite news source claims Iranian companies are connected to government, and you condemned me. I don’t defend or justify nefarious government behavior but I do wonder why you so desperately want me to condemn the U.S. when out of one side of your big fat mouth you condemn America and from the other side you praise Canada, who is very much aligned with America.

A recent report by UN Human Rights Council special rapporteur Francesca Albanese has accused Israel of intending to commit genocide in the enclave.
This amused me. Francesca Albanese must not be reading his Bible or he would know what’s really happening here lololol.

The US just gave Israel another $26 billion dollars so they can kill more children.

We gave Ukraine almost three times that much. Don’t you want to bellyache about that, too?

No. As far as I am aware, Ukraine is not committing genocide anywhere.

This is so bad. If we sanction Israel, Hamas will live to terrorize them again. Nothing good can come out if this and nobody will benefit from it. Having said that, Israel has become a burden and I already see us being cut to pieces as the Word warned.

lol. It only took her whole life but the girl clued in finally.

Clued in? I’ve known this for years and years.

Oh, what a surprise. Remember when Israel told us that a bunch of UNRWA workers participated in the attacks on Jews? Turns out they lied through their teeth. Again. The entire western world freaked out. Many countries, including Canada, the US and the Netherlands, suspended funding of UNRWA. It crippled the Palestinians. Now we learn it was all a lie. What will be done to punish Israel? Nothing, of course. Sometimes I think the sooner the western world dies, the better. I just hope I die first.

Of course. That’s like asking the FBI to investigate itself for spying on Americans.

Just a few cross words between military and the upper echelon of Israeli government.

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USC just cancelled its grad.

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I’m so against this. The UN has no authority to divide Israel’s land, although I know they will. Joel 3:2
Would you be okay with it if the UN gave Ontario to America?

Can we give Mississippi to Mexico?

Have you submitted your request with the U.N.? Anything that shrinks our population, weakens our faith, divides our nation or further weakens our spirit and hope will be approved.

Will you give NH to NY?

If NH was part of NY, that would probably be a good thing. Not for Republicans, although NH has been slightly blue for the last 16 years.

We don’t have sales tax, which is silly and makes our property tax high.

This is so wonderfully ignorant. I should frame it. Israel came into existence in 1948 because of UN authority. Google the 1947 UN Partition Plan. If the UN doesn’t have authority to do that, the modern reboot of the state of Israel would never have existed, and the land would still be called Palestine.

If it were not the will of God it would never have happened. Isaiah 66: 8.
Didn’t God say, “And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.”

The UN gets no glory but they may be used as a vessel for His glory.

If the truth be told you probably have framed many.

Too little, too late. We’re still gutless, bootlicking sycophants.

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