I have a problem. Something came up yesterday and I have an opportunity to go to Israel. Except I’ve been told no. How do I change that?


There is scripture in the Bible about persistance but he already seems irritated but I really want to go. :frowning:


You should go. You will see only nice things and will be guided carefully away from anything remotely resembling the armed ghetto that is Palestine. You will be shown happy Muslims smiling and enjoying their lives in Israel, these being the ones that have accepted their fate as serfs to the Jews. If you ever did try to cross the wall to see how the Palestinians live, you would be deported.


I disagree because I do not seek to go on a guided tour. But thanks for empty advi…view!


If you think you will be permitted to visit the walled ghetto that is Palestine because you’re not on a guided tour, I encourage you to try it. I won’t visit you in prison but I might write.


I visited Israel for a week in February 2009. Was not a fan in general. Too many alphas. I liked the ethiopians the best actually. I could have hung out with them the whole week.


I was in a class over the weekend and even with my step child, I was the only white girl and I never laughed quite like that.


Israeli Tolerance and Love


Yeah, I don’t know this type of Jew. The Jews I know are very beautiful. And I want to go where she lives.


Some might say they are Armenian?


I’m sure it’s not common. Surely racism there is isolated to a few extremists.

PS: Why don’t you go? What’s stopping you?


I think I’m spoiled. New England is probably one of the best places in the world. I could have been born anywhere. Thankfully, I wasn’t born in Israel. I would hope I would not be a Zionist if I was.


I agree! You’re spoiled!


I can’t imagine you being a Zionist no matter where you were born, Dan. The doctrine of “we are God’s chosen people and all others are cattle” (which is exactly what Zionism believes no matter how they try to sugar coat it) is not something most people in the world could buy into these days. I would note there are many thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of Israelis who don’t buy into it, either. I could see most US Republicans buying that, though.


Most Americans are.


Zionism is totally disgusting. Pompous slavery.


Maybe not slavery. Pompous genocide.


No, you were right the first time. Slavery.


Imho, your slaves should offer their masters orgasmic wine, poison the water with Reggie’s, apply blackout pressure and run like hell.

Have a nice day!


I’m wondering if these people are being held against their will and without pay? In the article, I get the impression they may actually be hired workers to the Jews because of the Sabbath.