I should know better than to click your telegram links but I am weak. Better wait until the US actually lifts sanctions against Iran before declaring “alignment” with them. Either way, the fact is these sanctions are absurd and are in direct violation of the Iran Nuclear Deal which the USA signed and then broke (under Trump, of course, a man whose word means absolutely nothing). Why the Iranians would ever trust the USA is beyond me, but it would be a nice first step if these sanctions were lifted.

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Didn’t the usa hack or spread virus to Iran’s military? I think I would never trust a nation that did that to me again. One of my least favorite things about russia is their hackers.

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Was it a virus or a worm? Either way, it begun under Bush but continued under Obama.

I don’t blame you. We can’t be trusted. You should probably move before you get infected with airborne rabies.

That was premature. I’ll wait until they attack Israeli to say anything else.

Not only that,I’m uninformed.

Yes, it’s all about me, me, me.

I don’t like introspection. It’s dark in there and I’m afraid of the dark.

Gullible fool.

click on this story about deer-human covid xmission
that’s not a deer

reggie discounts the importance of the mid-term election this year

Why aren’t corporations boycotting Iran? Why isn’t NATO sanctioning Iran?

we aren’t?
Current FATF blacklist
As of 2 March 2021, the following countries are on this list:
1.North Korea
2. Iran

Sanctions by the United States were reinstated in November 2018, and expanded in 2019 and 2020 to cover Iran’s financial sector. Temporary waivers were granted to some countries to continue importing reduced amounts of oil from Iran until 2019. On 21 February 2020, Iran was placed on the FATF blacklist.

Good question, but an even better question is why nobody in the west cared about the war in Ethiopia. They had a very similar situation, with Tigray invading their country and attacking their capital. They also had a brave leader who stayed in the country rather than running and led the campaign to fight for their country. Wiki says they had between 50k and 100k civilian casualties.

Nobody cared. It wasn’t even the top news story. No sanctions, no weapons shipments, nothing. The only explanation I can come up with is they are darkies so the west doesn’t care. I see no differences of principle between the two situations.

Do you think :us: could have sanctioned :ethiopia: the same way it has russia :ru:?

The US has killed more than 20 million people globally and that I know of, not one company cared. The US kills, at will, anyone who even remotely appears to be a threat to their precious agenda and who stands up to them? Apparently, the world doesn’t care even less.

I thought we were wusses and the russians had balls?

Definitely. Even worse. Ethiopia doesn’t have Russia’s power, reserves or influence.

I already thought they had nothing.

You are mistaken. They’re one of the richest countries in Africa. Some photos of Addis Ababa.

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I would not be surprised at all if, in 50 years, Iran was a world power.

Totally agree. They have some smart scientists. They seem to be good at computers, too.

What’s your favorite middle eastern country?

My guess is any answer will be criticized by someone here, lol.

I actually don’t know mine. I have only been to Israel. No desire to go back.

Do you think Russia should invade Iran?

I wonder if their military would “boycott.”

Why would they do that? Aren’t they allies?

That’s interesting. Why did you go there?

I had a friend that lived there as an archeologist for 3 years.

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Did you visit Palestine while you were there?