No. We did not. We didn’t see any rockets, but the “rockets” sent over were more like catapults.

No fire kites? Sounds completely uneventful. No wonder you don’t want to go back.

Some bad press for Iran.

I have no sympathy for the Muslims there. I have huge sympathy for those, like this young woman, who are bucking the Muslims there.

She probably exposed her ears when she should have covered them. In an evil place like Iran, it was probably a necessary mercy killing.


Victory! Brilliant!

Now kill the Ayatollahs to celebrate. Don’t skip this step.

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That may happen, eventually. Small goals.

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Death by hanging seems extremely brutal not to mention biblically cursing them like dogs, but I’m sure human rights organizations will practice hypocrisy and ignore it since Israel wasn’t behind the executions.

This man was just protesting. Human rights watchers just don’t seem to care about the life of Iranians. Should we just assume their lives don’t matter?

At the top of this page is an article about FIFA migrant workers. There are no articles about human rights in Iran. These alleged human right watchers are so twisted I don’t even know what to think.

Did you even read any of those articles?

Iran Tweets?
Iran Inspires?
Iran Activist Imprisoned For Criticism?
Oh, here are two good ones: US Supreme Court Case Puts Basic Voting Rights on Trial and Human Rights Watch Amicus Brief in Moore v. Harper
Definitely two human rights tragedies.

Oh wait…I found it, in the next article

Busted: We Caught Iran Trying to Spy on Us

What else…
Iran Hacks.
Syrians Disappear

That’s it. Human rights watchers blame Iran for the disappearance of foreigners.

yes, i checked each and every article out of the 2221 articles to confirm they were the exact articles you couldnt find!

I was looking for articles about the dead. Specifically, Majidr Reza Rahnavard, but any dead will do.

i see… my deepest apologies; i really should have known you meant that instead of what you actually said :wink:

Mind reading is a skill. Perhaps you’re just rusty.

Iran is murdering people all over the place. They need some good regime change. Perhaps a bloody revolution might be in order.

Brave women!

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