Now Reg should support the rights of men to commit honor killings. He may hate it and it may even contribute to the destruction of the family unit but, in principle, it contradicts his convictions so it must be morally right.

Batman is a Kurdish-majority city in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey and the capital of Batman Province
which is presumably a part of nato
in principle

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No, Michele. Islam is yesterday. Abortion (and controlled fertility in general) is tomorrow.

PS: I doubt that savage is redeemable. I might support honour-killing him, although the real problem is the “peaceful religion of Islam” fundamentally.

I don’t. I may be wrong but everyone is redeemable, unless they take their last breath with the lie of who God is still on their lips.

I encourage him to take his last breath. I do not care at all about his opinion regarding God.

That’s harsh, Reg. What’s wrong with you?

That was my opinion.

Nothing is wrong with me. I would suggest that, if you polled 1000 people, 995 would agree with me.

No doubt. Most people seem to hate Authority.

Most Persians do not have middle names. That includes Iranian-Americans.

Why is that, Dan?

The murderers name means kneeling in prayer.

Quite the contradiction

I don’t personally care at all what his name is. I would recommend changing it to “recently executed”.

EDIT: In Farsi, of course. Wouldn’t want to be culturally insensitive.

Why not? You don’t mind being verbally insensitive.

It was a joke, Michele. I am advocating ending this man’s life. I don’t care at all if he’s offended.


How bizarre that we, a Christian nation, should align ourselves with Iran, a terrorist nation, while simultaneously fighting for continued trafficking and money laundering at American taxpayer expense in the billions and possibly trillions of dollars. Ignore my rant. It’s nothing, really.

worse than nothing
nothing doesn’t run the risk of being wrong
you are misinformed
utterly without the ability for introspection
a fool