It is in meltdown right now, but I admit the videos posted by that gay Canadian-Israeli, Corey Gil-Shuster, have me far more sympathetic to Israel and less to the Palestinians than I was in the past.

Many, many Palestinians are militant and accept war and death as an acceptable price for their goals. I see fewer Israelis with such radical viewpoints. Of course, many Israelis are willing to use their superior military position to behave like murderous thugs and bullies, but I truly wonder if the Palestinians wouldn’t be worse.

I have no true hope for the place but it is interesting that the new coalition displacing Netanyahu includes the Arab party for the first time ever. If this becomes the norm (and it may, since it’s hard to form a coalition without them lately), it may become harder and harder for the Arabs to be ignored, and Israel may become less of an apartheid state.

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These events took place with 24 hours of each other.

  • Massive fire breaks out at oil refinery near Iran’s capital - LAND
  • One of the biggest ships in Iran’s naval fleet sinks after fire - SEA
  • Two Iranian fighter jet pilots were killed in an accident at a military airbase - AIR

and your point is?

Why are you asking? It’s crazy with no credibility.

Well if it happened it has credibility. Is it coincidence? Probably

Testing a vaccine on humans before it has been fully tested in a lab is happening.

Are you saying it is without their knowledge?

Possibly, but my bet is Israelis.

Without their knowledge? They are doing it openly.
I’m saying you can’t create and test a vaccine in 7 months. It’s never been done. I’m saying we or you are human guinea pigs and I’m saying they are prepping you for a greater event.

I am not replying to your insanity after this.

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it’s simple my simple friend. I hate republicans

Congratulation for this insight. Late, but better now than never.

Thank you, Gunda. :slight_smile: You’re still a Zionist, though.

It looks human but it’s not.

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