Interesting New Tech

i hope this brief tutorial on orbits freed you up to attend the physics of faster than light travel

I posted this three years ago.

Three years later, we’re still just getting news stories about what’s coming, no results.

That was a pretty interesting article. Slow as it is, I think it will happen. If they would announce free energy, everyone would buy an electric car. Slow as it is, I think that will happen, also. I do think all of those things are going to take time. There are a lot of nuclear reactors in the world that need to be shut down first.

Just bought a Google Nest screen. It’s stupid. Almost useless. It could be so much better if they’d put Android on it.

Amazon just bought irobot. How do you think it will affect your life?

It won’t, I don’t think. I have a Wyze robot vacuum. It’s actually working right now as I type this. Works fine. I also have a Lefant robot vacuum at the office and I set it to clean the office every morning at 7 am, long before we show up. That also works fine.

We haven’t vacuumed manually for ages.

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I have 2 vacuums. More if you count shop vacs. It won’t affect me either.

Robot vacuums? Or just normal ones?

One of each i have 2 floors and rug stairs.