Wow it’s probably all that toxic high-rise air.


Toxic? Vancouver has among the best air quality in the world. I also have three air purifiers so I don’t even have any dust. No, this is just me worrying about the future and wishing I was in South America.


What are you worried about?


The usual. Wondering if my money will last the rest of my life or if I need to make more. Wondering if my health will hold out. Wondering if I should just bite the bullet and become tax resident in Colombia so I don’t have to come back to Canada so much. Wondering if I’ll end up regretting that because of the financial hit. Wondering if I will gain weight if I go get myself a breakfast biscuit right now. We all have our worries. Those are some of mine. :slight_smile:


You worry too much.


Didn’t you set your money up to stretch 30 years?


I’ll be fine for 30 years but what if I live to 90? Or 100? What if the Canadian dollar is worth nothing in 20 years? Really, none of us are truly financially safe until we’re on our deathbeds.


I agree. I suppose I don’t really think God will tarry much longer.


I just got an alert about a suspicious package.


Robert DeNaro’s restaurant.


Do you have debt, Reg?


Not one cent.


Feels good doesn’t it!


So why can’t you get to SA permanently?


I mean why are you holding your high rise condo?


The short answer is taxes. The longer answer is the Colombian government taxes not just worldwide income but worldwide assets on extrañjeros (foreigners living in Colombia). That would really hurt. I’m looking at moving some of my assets into one of my holding companies but that would count as realizing the capital gains which would be taxed in Canada. It’s all very complex and I need to make sure I don’t ruin my retirement.

EDITED to add: I don’t sell the condo because it’s in an up & coming area and is rising in value very quickly as the area gets finished. I feel it would be foolish to miss out on that.


Geez! “One”of my holding companies. lol


You worry for nothing!


So what are you worth, Reg?


I won’t say, but I’m content. Just not foolish with my money. :slight_smile: