Going to fright kingdom next weekend.

Series starts tomorrow. 100% on rotten tomatoes.

Interesting. I notice you seem to like thrillers, Dan.

You should feel relaxed about now

Just enough orgasmic wine to temp me with a thriller. And lucky me, I have Netflix.

The haunting of hill house might just be the best show of all time. It has everything.

Horror is a genre that is laughable to different generations who experienced it. Do you think it is the same intensity though? Degree of fakeness in terms of aesthetic distance, special effects and realistic level of audience?

Do you laugh at classical horror and feel overwhelming hubris about all the fake blood of your generation you experience today in the genre past generations never did? How intense and scary it would be like 500X scarier if anyone could be even scared.

It did not hold my attention. I couldn’t even tell you what the first episode is about. Next week I will watch it over again with the second episode and hopefully be captivated by intensity.

I’m sorry. Is this show about Time Cook?

No. I was just horrified to read that so I posted it here.


I agree!




What are you on about now?

I want you to tell me what Mark is talking about.

Don’t say idk.