IDK. (Sorry). Like I’ve ever known. He stopped calling me about a year ago. Those calls were often totally cogent and normal, but were also often not. I have never understood Mark at all.


So you don’t know what he means when he talks about dob?




No idea. I did notice he posted in that thread about some Jewish person who produces TV shows in Colombia, which interests me as I thought (obviously incorrectly) that there was minimal Jewish influence in media in Colombia.


You should encourage him to elaborate.


Why? I don’t care at all what he means. I do note Mark often makes remarkably astute and informative points in the middle of his insane rantings.


Sure if one can dissect which parts are informative.


He seems to know a lot about you. I plan on finding out.


Because I just don’t think you’re as innocent as you act.


And you’re not sharing the truth.


Ok I’m done on this subject.


I noticed the King dethroned MbS so Trump is probably not going to stop the arms deal in Saudi Arabia and I know that’s what you wanted to see.


Where did you go?


Ok have a nice day, Reg!


Day? It’s 3:19 am and the sleeping pills aren’t working. :slight_smile:


Oh sorry! Do you take sleeping pills every night?


Do you take other drugs, Reg?


Am I asking too many personal questions?


Ok now I’m starting to think the pills are working.


I don’t take sleeping pills at all when I’m in Colombia. I have no trouble sleeping there. Here in Canada, I can’t seem to get to sleep before dawn unless I take some. Melatonin and Unisom. Tonight I tried a lower dose and that appears to have been a mistake as it’s now 3:32 and I’m wide awake.