Good Sports Day

lol yes then again they are playing better than the netherlands, more ball possession and more attacking
and our booger eating coach replaces his injured attacker for a defensive midfielder! what the…

Someone should tell him his team needs another goal. Hopefully they are talking about scoring another goal at the half.

someone should knock him out lol he replaced our quickest wing player with a slow forward attacker (which will be useless if he doesnt get a cross ball from a fast wing player…)

guess he wants penalties lol (which btw we always lose)

England has already won a match with penalties. Interesting tactic. Hopefully these defensive players don’t suck at PKs.

what a wasted opportunity… awful game with 2 awful defensive teams and an awful referee

england vs spain in the final

At least it’s not the Godless Dutch. Go Spain! I would hate to see England win anything.

Lol at Novak vs Brits. It would be funny if on Sunday, Novak and Spain both win. Almost likely at this point.

I wore orange, but it didn’t help. Lots of chances in that game. Defense was not as good as score indicated. I actually didn’t care who won. Nor do I really care who wins the finals.

Go Colombia!

I might root for Argentina over Uruguay, if Uruguay wins. Argentina could use some good news.

I assume Suarez is retired, but is there a more disgusting player?

Edit. He is not retired, but no longer a good player. He is on the team, but only played 2 of the 5 games.

Fun photo of a 20 year old Lionel Messi cradling Lamine Yamal in his arms.

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Colombia is ahead 1-0 at the half and have been quite dominant.

They are also a man down which could be awful.

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We have a dinner thing to go to but my guess is Erika will be looking at her phone until the game is over lol.

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Should DQ next copa.

They claim it was to protect their families. From what? I saw no assaults on their families. These Uruguayans are full of crap, and Suarez is the worst of them.

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The US National football coach has been fired. The men’s coach. They sucked.

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What if Spain wins 5-0 tomorrow. This might be a blowout.

Colombia has looked awesome. That should be a good match. Might be 0-0 lol.

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Canada just lost. They played well. We were ahead 2-1 with a few minutes left and lost.

Alcaraz is blowing Djokovic off the court. Djokovic is still the second best playing now, so no shame. Alcaraz is going to have 4 grand slams by the age of 21.

This could be a great sports day for Spain.

Interesting how little news this is making. On the CBC Sports site, Wimbledon is below Canada’s women’s basketball team having an exhibition game with Belgium.

could be worse, they could be ignoring the euro2024 final or even the tour de france! :wink:

The tour de france has been ignored here for years. I’m waiting for a cameraman to drive over a spectactor. We might watch it again after that.