Good Sports Day

Khabib just destroyed McGregor. Hamilton won at Suzuka. A perfect sports day.

I just noticed Blackberry no longer sponsors Mercedes AMG Petronas F1. Unfortunate.

The red sox lost, lol. It was terrible.

McGregor lost though. That’s always a good thing. As overrated as de la Hoya was, but oscar never seemed like a rotten person.

Not a rotten person but weird as all hell.

lol yes.

More PC gone mad. Ron Darling was announcing the yankees sox game last night. There was a japanese pitcher pitching, not a chinese pitcher. His quote without hesitation or slowed words or changes in volume was…

“A little chink in the armor for Tanaka here. It’s the first inning where he’s lost a little of his control,”

They made him apologize, lol. Someone should tell the people that complained about this that Japan is not in China. Losers.

LOL. Ron Darling is chinese.

lol. God. It’s tiresome to always walk on eggshells but it can be funny at times.

Everyone’s freaking out because Nurmagomedov attacked McGregor’s camp. I don’t care at all. McGregor was a dick throughout and he got everything he deserved, including an ass kicking.

In the build-up to the fight on Saturday, McGregor launched a series of verbal attacks on the Russian, making derogatory remarks about his family, his Muslim faith and the Dagestan region of his homeland.

Addressing Nurmagomedov’s father in an Instagram post in August, the Irishman wrote: “I can see you. Cowering behind fake respect. Just like your middle child. A quivering coward.”

During a pre-fight press conference in September, McGregor offered the conservative Muslim fighter his own brand of whiskey. “Why don’t you drink, why don’t you drink?” McGregor said.

He also called Nurmagomedov’s Egyptian manager a “terrorist” on Thursday.

Khabib on UFC McGregor brawl: ‘He talked about my religion’ | Sports | Al Jazeera

They might both be banned. Too bad. I wouldn’t mind macgregor getting his ass kicked again. He definitely got what he deserved. Could you imagine insulting khabib’s ailing father and not think he would do anything about it. I’m pretty sure macgregor was a big underdog. I couldn’t imagine insulting someone every way possible and get in a ring with them, knowing they were stronger.

Here is macgregor attacking khabib’s bus. No punishment from UFC. No punishment the entire time. Maybe they are racist
Macgregor certainly is.

Dana White is freaking on the Dagestani. He’s an idiot, too.

Wow! I wonder if I could learn blackout pressure techniques here.

Deontay Wilder just broke this man’s jaw. He has apologized and invited him to his upcoming fight.

Fight is December 1. He might not be recovered by then. People must think he is really dumb, because they are saying he didn’t know there was a person in the suit. I guess he was supposed to throw a jab. Not a hook.

I don’t know…I wouldn’t have thought the guy would have been hurt inside that suit. The suit must not have any padding.

I’m not sure where the best place to punch him would have been, not that he could see what he was punching. I wouldn’t have let him punch me, lol.

Boston could win all 4 major sports in the same year. Up 2 games to 0. Let’s go!!!

Best baseball team of my lifetime. 119 wins.

Did Boston win? Cool!