Good Sports Day

Yes. I’d agree with that. Bill was a bit of a humanitarian and civil rights activist. I don’t think Wilt cared about anybody else.

Bill won 11 championships and Wilt won 2. If the game was 1 on 1, Wilt was probably better. Before Jordan came around a lot of people thought Russell was the best player of all time. Those people are now old or dead. He’s not even top 10 now, which is fine but somehow Wilt has surpassed him.

espn just released their top 75.

Top 10 goes

Oscar robertson

So they have Russell 6th.

If you looked at career, Kareem is top 2 or top 1. He almost never lost and has the most MVPs. He’s also by far, the best college player of all time.

I’m off today for the weekend. My sport includes bagging as many leaves before 4 pm when it gets dark. The town picks them up curbside this Saturday. I bet I’ll be better at this than Wilt Chamberlain would be. I have no woods, but do have trees.

The town drives by every house in the town to see if lawn bags are left out. They probably do this from 7 to 4. We have 24,000 people. I’m not sure how many houses. Maybe 5000. Probably not fun, but maybe it goee fast.

17 bags in 4 hours. That’s not fast or slow. I wonder if they’ll pick all 17 up lol.

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They picked up all 17.

I think he would be more well liked if he didn’t beat Federer. If Federer was never around, he probably would be well liked. Although, he wouldn’t be as dominant as he is, without Federer and now he’s had no rival for 3 years.

She ruined this guy’s life.

She accuses him of gang raping her at a party he wasn’t even at, and she isn’t charged? Insanity.

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Pistorius just got released from prison. 11 years.

He’ll have to write a book to make money. He might have nothing left, including family.

His life is probably not over. He has his supporters. I’m not sure it’s worth living another 40 years hated by so many millions.

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You watch the strangest stuff. lol.

I would have DQd him too. He was probably trying to open up his lungs, which is cheating and blowing secondhand in his competitors face is also cheating.

Not because I think it should even be illegal. Smoking is legal here. That is DQ worthy.

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I would have DQ’d him because he stinks. Gross. And I do think it should be illegal, except in Germany and the Netherlands.

lol he didnt find running the marathon difficult enough so he chose to make it harder on himself

its silly to make it illegal when there is big money being made with taxing the crap out of it

I said it should be legal in the Netherlands. Smelling bad is part of Dutch culture.

lol we dont eat poutine so we do not smell

I’m not against banning it either. I would be pro banning if we had universal healthcare.

obviously she is more dutch than canadian :wink: