Good Sports Day

Well, this is a surprise.

It wasn’t that close.

I wonder if Djokovic’s reign is over. If he loses in Australia, he might lose everywhere. That’s his best tournament. He might regret not getting the jab if he never wins again.

From the post Reg lost while updating:

45x45 thinkingaboutit
January 29

remember that 15 year old russian girl that used drugs but was still allowed to participate in the olympics?

ha! they didnt get away with it after all :

From Reg:
Doping is a matter of who gets caught. Ben Johnson beat Carl Lewis in 1988 and then was promptly banned for doping and his win was overturned. Carl Lewis cheated, too, but he did it better. He tested positive three times at the 1988 U.S. Olympic Trials, but the USOC let him run anyway in violation of their own rules. Now, Carl Lewis is a multiple gold medal winner and a “hero” while Johnson is a pariah, his name synonymous with cheating. It’s all nonsense.

I do not know the solution but it does seem to me that, like with marijuana, prohibition is not working.

All restored…

She makes skating look effortless and I love her costume.

I do not know the solution but it does seem to me that, like with marijuana, prohibition is not working.

Really? Do you think ignoring it will make the problem go away?

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No. Hence my saying “I do not know the solution”.

Yeah, I read that but your post implied it should be legalized which is no solution at all and ignores the problem. While I support stripping her of any title or award she may have received for the fake performance, a 4 year ban is excessive. I don’t know why any athlete would use those drugs when they have been trained up to be the best at what they do.

I don’t pretend to know the inside dirt in figure skating, but Russia has a reputation for indoctrinating young athletes. I doubt very much that she had any choice in whether or not to take performance enhancing drugs.

Are you implying the Russian government deliberately drugged her?


I think that is probably true, but I still support the ban.

Hmmm…that never occurred to me but you’re probably right.

This is timely. Interesting, too.

@AgeofGrace I’m especially interested in what you think of this, Michele. Republicans are all about freedom, right?

Yeah, no. Republicans plant the illusion of freedom. Democrats are much more honest about freedom or their plan to keep it out of reach at all times.

I think steroids, especially after the covid vaccine, are another one of those rich man’s tricks to weaken the heart even further to reduce the population. I’m not angry about that. I don’t care. By now, most people should know the American government doesn’t approve anything that benefits anyone except those in government and their tight circle of corporate CEO’s.

So you’re against their right to hold these drug-enhanced olympics or you’re just not interested in watching it?

Neither. I’m against using performance enhancing drugs.

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I saw that. I imagine the cars and roads are in poor shape. Sucks. That car looks unreal.

Interesting because women’s basketball doesn’t usually get media attention.

For a woman she sure has big arms.

bol did it again! and a nice silver medal for klaver

and they owe their medals thanks to a little children’s ice bath and ice cubes that were bought at a local supermarket because at the world championships in glasgow they dont have the facilities to cool down their athletes! lol