Good Sports Day

Uhh…it’s your video and you don’t know what’s in it?

Somehow, I knew you were going to say that but I would just remind you that the coach fired him after he said he wanted to talk. So if he loses his scholarship it’s because his coach indirectly took it and not by anything the school does besides vote to support a faculty member.

Absolutely. His coach is not his boss as the coach seems to think. If he were a military officer training a soldier for battle I could actually see that kind of behavior but he’s not suppose to be training to kill. It’s sports and it’s supposed to be fun but that guy can’t seem to relax. In a coaching capacity he should be more like a mentor.
Do you think the coach should take anger management classes for his hostile behavior?

You’re a weird Republican, Michele.

99.9% of Republicans would not agree with you on this.

Yeah, really? You think he should treat his scholarship like a job title, ignoring basic rights to learn and be treated like any other human? He wasn’t being heard by the coach or the school. Court is really the only way to settle that dispute.

I’d say everyone here would be impressed with this point. Except Bill.

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Women’s volleyball is far better than men’s. And the women are often breaktakingly beautiful.

cant say iam impressed either, since that point should have been made on maaaany occasions lol but definitely exciting stuff to watch because of the lack of still

ok, wont ask what you broke while watching that :wink:

First, I’m old enough that I can admire a woman without wanting her for my own. Second, none of the women in that clip were breathtakingly beautiful, but many volleyball players are. The world champion Turkish team has a few.

Why is that?

How can you tell? I can’t even see their faces.

That’ is probably easy to say but you’re not the one playing the game.

Still? Do you mean skill? Volleyball requires as much still lisp as your beloved soccer game.

The only way you could know that is to do a Google search on every single one of them. Really? Did you do that? Did you search out every single player, Reg lol? You need a job lol.

Hush. He’s quiet lately. Don’t mess it up. lol.

Um, there’s another way. Watch a women’s volleyball game. You’ll see them and you can decide if they’re breathtakingly beautiful or not. No searching required.

Umm……I’m sure they are all beautiful in their own skin. I’m not sure I would find them breathtaking though.

Very few are breathtaking, and really stunningly beautiful women are often dysfunctional pains in the ass. Their lives, experiences, opinions and perspectives have been skewed by having abnormal amounts of slavish male attention throughout their lifetimes.

Do you really think men are interested in their opinion?

No, nor did I say that. Their opinions are often skewed. Men don’t tend to care. Nobody cares, really.

You should probably define skewed the way you mean it so that I don’t misunderstand what you’re saying.

Skewed in this case means distorted from normality. Stunning women know they can do, think or say anything at all and, no matter how disgusting their behaviour, (some) men will forgive them.

What are you talking about, Reg? How is volleyball disgusting?

Michele, volleyball isn’t disgusting at all. At least women’s volleyball isn’t. Men’s is a bit but that’s just me not enjoying watching male athletes.

A few women in the world, inside and outside volleyball, have some disgusting opinions, perspectives and behavior. It is a tiny percentage. Most women are great to deal with. My guess is that you’re great to deal with in person. I doubt you tell strangers your conspiracy theories.

I know what you mean. I would much rather watch girls play but there doesn’t seem to be a big demand for that.

I doubt I’ve ever met a stranger but I wouldn’t tell them anything I thought they might not want to know and they would be conspiracy facts. Just because someone like you doesn’t believe it doesn’t make any of it less true.

Do you think Wilt Chamberlain was better than Bill Russell at basketball?

I don’t know jack about basketball, but Wilt was pretty amazing. I don’t respect him as a human. He claims to have slept with a lot of women. It’s probably good he died before he got AIDS. I don’t know if Bill Russell was a better person but Wilt set a pretty low bar.